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Fun Activities For Corporate Events
Jun 20
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6 Fun (And Work Appropriate) Activities At Corporate Events

It’s time to celebrate your team at work, but what can you do that keeps the line between ‘appropriate’ and ‘too friendly’ defined? Office party games are definitely a way to liven up festivities while still keeping things professional. Here are some great game ideas sure to be a hit with your co-workers:

Two truths and a lie

Guests reveal two facts about themselves and one lie. The group votes on which statement is the lie, and the winner is the group identifying the fib. This is a great ice breaker and helps your office get to know each other on a more personal level.

Name that tune or movie

Make a list of movie quotes or well-known song lyrics. Write them down. Divide the group into teams with each team taking turns drawing a slip of paper. Someone from the group reads or sings the line. Teams get 30 seconds to figure out the answers.


Load everyone up and head on over to an indoor paintball center. It’s a way to learn to do things together and is amazing for relieving stress. And, of course, there’s the fun factor. Employees can form teams by department and compete to see who the last man standing will be.


A twist on the kid’s classic Simon Says, this game asks players to do the opposite of what they’re asked to do. So, if you say “sit,” they should stand. If you say “talk,” everyone should remain silent. If anyone does what they’re really asked to do – they’re out. The winner is the last one left. It tests your employees listening skills and loosens everyone up before any group activities.

Piñata for adults

This stress-relieving game will make your next company party a real hit in more ways than one. Buy a piñata from any party store and fill it with stuff employees would like, like mini keychain flashlights, candy bars, mini-bottles of liquor, gift cards for local establishment, and more. Use something solid to whack the piñata and voila: Instant employee satisfaction.

Noah’s ark

All players get two groups of animal cards. Everyone acts like the animal on his or her card and has to find his or her corresponding animal. No one is allowed to actually talk while playing the game. It gets the shy employees out of their shell, and lets the more outgoing employees show off their acting chops.

Giant games

We saved the best for last! Giant games are easy and appropriate for any audience and promote anything from team building to healthy competition.

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