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May 2
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8 Tips For Planning Corporate Events

There are many reasons why a business would hold a corporate event, including rewarding employees or as a way to thank clients or to team-build. The benefits of these functions aren’t limited, either; from creating a pleasant workplace atmosphere, celebrating success or various milestones or coming together for a holiday party, staff morale is often lifted and team bonding often increased.

If you are considering having a corporate event, here are some tips that will make it unforgettable:

  1. Center Event Around a Theme. This can help provide direction when it comes to figuring out smaller details like your decor, menu or music.

  2. Choose a Central Location for Your Venue. Having your venue in a central location will ensure that it likely be accessible to public transportation. Safety should be a number one priority at any event, and you want to ensure that everyone can get home safely.

  3. Avoid having your employees or clients having to pay for their own parking. If you are hosting an event that is over a couple of days, a central location will ensure that your venue is likely close to a lot of tourist options and restaurants as well.

  4. Assess Your Venue. Your chosen venue has to check off a lot of boxes in order for your event to go smoothly. Does it have enough space to accommodate your guests? You want to avoid having them feel cramped. Does it have everything you need? Things like projectors, computers and other types of tech may not be included. Does the venue accommodate a range of unique dietary requests, such as those who have special medical needs?

  5. Always Have a Back-Up Venue in Mind. This is especially important if you are booking a certain venue during the holiday season or summer. Having another option in mind in the event that your venue is already booked will save you a lot of trouble.

  6. Consider Games and Entertainment. To take any event up a notch, consider renting a photo booth, arcade games plinko or giant Jenga, for example. These games are always a hit at events and can add an additional level of entertainment or can be used as a fun way to team-build.

  7. Don’t Skimp on the Freebies. You have a range of options here that won’t break the budget. Consider gifting your guests with pens or t-shirts. Ask your venue what they might be able to offer as well – they might offer transportation or free drinks.

  8. Look into Insurance. You want to make sure you have your bases covered if an unexpected event such as a fire occurred.

  9. Hire a Corporate Event Planner. A very small investment in an event planner translates into invaluable rewards for your business. The years of professional experience that event planners have will create an entertaining, organized and memorable event.

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