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Apr 12
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Why Photo Booths are Perfect for Corporate Events

For many decades, we have been trying to work out how to be unique with corporate events. If done correctly, a corporate event can be huge for a brand because they can generate leads and create new contacts with others in the industry. However, we seem to be overlooking one of the most useful tools of all; photo booths.

Of course, these have gained enough attention when it comes to weddings and birthday parties but sadly not for corporate events. This being said, did you know that many household names actually bring photo booths to their events including Adidas, Dolby, and Listerine. If some of the big boys of business are doing it, surely this suggests that they can be useful?

Luckily, we don’t need to guess or suggest because we have seen the results of this first-hand at Abbey Road Entertainment. Nowadays, photo booths have endless marketing features that allow promotion for your brand. Although you will find the fun photo booths that are perfect for social events, you will also find designs and ideas that complement product launches, fashion weeks, work parties, festivals, and any other event you have coming up.

When hosting an event, you are often left with several people on their own who don’t really know how to interact with others. As a starting point, the photo booth becomes a topic of conversation so guests immediately start mingling or, to use a professional term, networking. This being said, it is networking that occurs within a fun environment and perhaps a way that not many people have seen before.

Additionally, marketing is huge with photo booths because some booths will ask for an email address so that each guest will be emailed their photos. In other booths, the pictures can be uploaded straight to social media which gives you, the host, a plethora of information about every single one of your guests including name, city, age, email address, date of birth, etc.

Even after this, you need to think about the impact of the actual sharing on social media too. Once the photos are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, they will all be linked back to you and your brand. Back in the last Milan Fashion Week, Adidas actually did this and were receiving an average of 40,000 likes each time. With every guest that uploaded a photo, it was reaching a wider audience. Also, they did live streaming from photo booths and this saw fantastic results!

Not only does this help in the short-term, it also helps long-term too because this picture will forever remain on social media. Considering you can obtain vital information and benefit from a larger online presence, the value of photo booths can be astronomical and this is before you even consider the fun your guests have which boosts reputation!

If you have any questions or want to talk to an expert today, feel free to contact us at Abbey Road Entertainment!

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