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Choosing A Venue For Your Work Events
Jun 10
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How To Choose A Venue For Your Next Work Event

A corporate event venue choice is can make the difference between a fun night out for your staff, and people feeling like they’re stuck in an extended work day. Here are some tips for choosing a great place for your next event:

Convenience. Before choosing a location, make sure guests have access to transportation to the site. It’s important that guests can easily get there by train, public transit or car. Also, make sure the venue has plenty of parking or valet services for those choosing to drive.

Appropriateness. The venue should be a positive reflection on the event. It’s important that the venue should be akin to the image you’re promoting, and that it’s suitable for the intended audience. Make sure other events at the venue don’t conflict with your event or corporate branding.

For example, if you’re holding a corporate event for your green cleaning supplies company, you don’t want to be stuck in the same space as an oil and gas company’s holiday party. Ensure you look into what else will be happening in the building so nothing dampens your staff’s spirits!

Make the food and drinks a priority. Check out the venue’s reputation regarding menu and even ask to sample some fare. Make sure the venue can provide something for everyone’s liking and dietary preferences. Alcohol isn’t for everyone, especially at work events, so make non-alcoholic beverages available.

Price. Of course, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting a great bang for your buck. You’ll have to decide where you want to spend the bulk of your budget. Do you want to spend more for the venue itself or earmark more for food, drinks and entertainment? Consider holding the event on an “off” day which usually costs less, and talk to the venue event co-ordinator to see how you can minimize the cost.

Floor plan. It’s important to have a floor plan of the venues you’re considering. Having an idea of the kinds of activities that will be happening and what you’ll need for them will be helpful when planning your event. Go over your top venues, jotting down things like outlet locations, stage areas, etc.

Room capacity. How many people can the room hold? If you’re expecting 200 people and the room can only accommodate 100, it will be a waste of time looking into. Choose a place that can comfortably host the numbers you’re expecting.

Atmosphere. You know the kind of event you want and you want to make sure the venue reflects that. If you’re having a grand gala, choose a venue more upscale in its decor. If you’re having a more relaxed event, the venue surroundings can be a lot less opulent.

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