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How To Properly Manage Vendors At Your Next Event
Nov 28
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How To Properly Manage Vendors At Your Next Event

Vendors can make or break your big event. In order to avoid any mishaps at your next big event, you’ll need to know how to properly manage your vendors. This means ensuring that everyone from the DJ to the caterer know how they can contribute to the success of your event.

Adhere to the contract to avoid liability

Before doing business with anyone, you’ll need a contract or legally binding work order in place to prevent either party from doing anything that’s not honest. You don’t have to walk around the party with a copy of the contract in your pocket but you should be familiar with the terms so you can spot anything that doesn’t seem right. Following the contract on your end will also protect you from any liabilities caused by vendors if something goes wrong. Also, communicate exactly what you want and need to your vendors – and make sure it’s written out in the contract. The more you communicate with your vendors before the event, the easier time you’ll have communicating with them during the event.

Be available to everyone when they need you

To better manage your vendors during an event, you need to be available to them. You will also have to be available to the attendees of your event, so ensure you can balance your time accordingly between socializing and making your sure your vendors are doing what they should be doing.

Anticipate problems before they occur

Everyone wants their event to go off without a hitch – but that can’t always be the case. Before the event, figure out what problems could potentially occur with your vendors and have solutions at the ready. Something as minor as a caterer running out of forks could turn into a major problem so be prepared for anything. DJ equipment could malfunction, the electricity could go out – whatever it is, have a plan in place with your vendors for any and all emergencies.

It may seem like a lot of work but properly managing your vendors ensures that your next event runs as smoothly as it can. The better you are at managing your vendors, the more inclined they’ll be to want to participate in your next event. When you have a steady stream of vendors at your disposal, you’ll have no trouble throwing quality events.

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