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Making Sure The Kids Enjoy The Party
Jul 4
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5 Ways To Keep Kids Entertained At A Family Party

Throwing the perfect party is always a challenge. Planning food and activities, even when for a single demographic, can be difficult enough. Throw your friends’ and family members’ kids into the mix and things become even more tricky. If you are planning an adult party for your friends and family, it’s hard for the adults to be happy if the kids are not. Below are five ways to keep the kids entertained at a family party.

Build around a general theme. Make the party a themed one. A themed party allows people to dress up, make themed and seasonal dishes and it makes decorations a lot easier to plan. Keeping away from gendered and generationally specific themes and activities will mean that everyone can join in the fun.

Keep the food simple. Kids like to eat, but picky eaters can quickly turn into complaining eaters and parents will inevitably have to drop what they are doing in order to make sure the kids are well-fed. Simple, tried-and-tested favourite foods the kids can be encouraged to help themselves to mean that the adult guests don’t have to worry about spending time plating food for their children and asking them what they would like to eat.

Plan activities. Activities such as scavenger hunts around the house or yard—with prizes for the winners (and everybody else)—and a dedicated games room with a kid-friendly playlist and a box of toys is a surefire way to make sure that the kids stay happy and out of your hair. Letting older children know to keep an eye on younger children, and putting them in charge, is a good way to make sure that the adults don’t have to make frequent trips to check up on their kids.

Hire a babysitter. If there are no children present who are old enough to handle the responsibility of helping with the younger children, considering outsourcing the help and bringing in a babysitter. Ask friends, family and neighbours to recommend somebody if you don’t already have someone in mind.

Let the kids know there are prizes for good behaviour. Consider putting small “party bags” together that the children will get at the end of the night as compensation for their good behaviour and cooperation throughout the evening. This may seem slightly cynical, but a little bag with something fun or sweet in it never hurt anybody and it’s worth it to be able to enjoy some adult time.

Throwing a mixed kid-and-adult party can be a hassle. People who don’t have kids are worried that their friends’ and family members’ kids are going to kill the vibe. Those who do have kids are worried that their children are going to kill the vibe for other people. Spend a bit of time during the planning stage and incorporate some of the above suggestions to be sure that the kids are having a good time, which will mean the adults are free to have a good time too.

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