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Dec 7
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2018 – Corporate Event Trends to Expect

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about the holidays almost exclusively because we want to help to create the perfect holiday party. For you, your employees, their families, customers, and whomever else may be interested. However, we haven’t yet looked past this magical time and corporate event trends to expect in 2018. With this in mind, it’s time to do exactly this so you can offer corporate events that even your competitors will admire.


Improved Technology

Whether the event is for your employees or to launch a brand-new product. Your guests are going to expect interaction with technology. This has been the direction of the industry for quite some time. If the occasion allows, for example, you should be looking for top-of-the-range photo booths and game simulators. Of course, the game simulator may not be suitable for the release of new product information. It might detract from your message but there are other options available.


People Want Unique Experiences

For decades, businesses have been holding corporate events and they all have a similar theme. If you can, try to offer a unique experience, something your customers or employees won’t have experienced before. Your event will live long in the memory and we have no doubt about this. Rather than laying on standard food and drink options, why not go for a traditional popcorn cart or cotton candy machine? Rather than a standard entertainment option, why not choose a flipbook photo booth and a game show machine?


Give Them Something to Take Away

The minute somebody leaves your event, the brain starts to remove everything not worth keeping. If you provide all guests something to take away, they’re going to remember your event. They’ll keep getting reminded of it every time they come across the item. For example, let’s say you’re rewarding your employees, a picture will be treasured which makes a photo booth well worth the investment.  Nowadays, there are all sorts of unique photo booths. The flipbook idea we saw just now in addition to ‘slo-mo’ booths, green screen booths, and GIF booths.


Honesty and Trust

When it comes to customers, they’re starting to get tired of the number of scams and false promises around these days. Therefore, they just want to create a relationship with an honest and trustworthy company; you. If you’re throwing a corporate event for your customers, don’t have an ulterior motive. The moment you take the time to appreciate them, you don’t need to do any selling because your event does the talking for itself. By spending time with them without pushing a new product their way, they see you really are hosting the event to build the relationship and nothing else.


With these four corporate trends for 2018, you can get your event just right while your customers, suppliers, shareholders, and/or employees benefit!

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