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Nov 1
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4 Unique Party Rentals for Your Holiday Party

In 2017, the office holiday party doesn’t have to be a dull event with bad food, awkward inter-office mingling and lacklustre entertainment. There are countless ways to ensure that, whether you’re throwing the party or attending it, your party experience is unforgettable. One of the easiest ways to do this is to look into party rentals. From the traditional, like entertainers, to the unique, like arcade games, party rentals help to give your event that extra flare. Here are 4 unique party rentals to consider for your next corporate event!

1) Game rentals

First on the list of is game rentals. There are lots of options to choose from to lend a playful

competitive edge to your next party or event. Game rentals span a wide range of options, from

vintage games like Pac Man to arcade style games like Ski Ball, to modern sports-style games

like ping-pong, table hockey, and even sports-simulation. Revive your standard holiday party

and take it to the next level with a game lineup that will leave your guests talking for months

afterward. Bonus points for organizing a game tournament.


2) Casino tables

Casino-style is a tried and true favourite for parties and corporate events. Whether you’re looking to add one or two card tables for game options, or hoping to rent 40 tables for an all-

out Vegas-themed party, casino table rentals are a great way to engage and impress your


guests. Standard rental options include craps tables, blackjack tables, roulette, poker tables

and more, all of which come with professional dealers and when requested, branded

accessories. Add a casino theme to your corporate event and thrill your guests from young to



3) Photobooth Party Rentals

The photobooth is the party trend that isn’t going anywhere. Technology is all the rage- people

undoubtedly love their smartphones and will be snapping their own photos throughout the

night -yet photobooth photos are incredibly popular because of their timelessness. Similar to

polaroids, the instant photos give guests a physical memento of their unforgettable night. The

photobooth trend also finds that guests love to snap photos of their photobooth reels and post

them on social media, particularly Instagram. Physical photography may not be popular

anymore, but photo booths are undoubtedly an on-trend nostalgia factor bound to have every

guest smiling and sharing.


4) Performers & event talent

Basic entertainers like live bands and DJ’s are standard for events like bar mitzvahs, school

dances, and parties. Music is essential for your event but there are so many other

entertainment options to consider. Holiday party? Hire a Santa Claus for the night for festive

photo-ops and holiday cheer. Looking for a classy adult-themed event idea? Consider hosting

a scotch tasting or cigar-rolling event, compete with expert hosts. For a unique and creative

event you might even think about hiring a live-art performer or flair bartender. The possibilities

are seemingly endless so look into your options while you can!

Rentals are always a brilliant addition to any party or event, and there are so many more

options than you may have realized. Look into party rentals today- you’ll thank yourself later.

Happy Holidays!

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