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Sep 23
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5 Reasons the Photo Booth Trend Will Continue in 2018

In recent years, we’ve seen a huge leap in the interest in the photo booth. At first, the interest came from those hosting parties but now it has gained traction at corporate events. In the past few weeks, we’ve been hearing people suggesting the trend is now coming to an end but, today, we have five reasons why it will actually continue into 2018 (and beyond!).

Digital Content – As well as allowing guests to walk away with a physical image and a tangible gift from the event, you can also have the image sent directly to their smartphone devices, tablets, computers, etc. Suddenly, your guests are uploading the images straight to social media and your logo is all over Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Over time, the post will see engagement in terms of likes, comments, and even shares. With memorable images and people having fun next to your logo, this has a much stronger and more sustainable impact than a simple ad on your website. With a photo booth, you can start a marketing campaign that lasts for a long time to come (especially if the images are used as profile pictures!).

Branding – Following on from this, photo booths really allow a company to get their brand name out into the world as well as linking it with positivity, fun, and an attractive option within the market. Firstly, all booths can be ‘wrapped’ in a branded cover boasting your name, logo, colors, and more. Before your guests even have fun with it, they can see your logo shouting out at them.

Furthermore, overlays can be added to every image, software allows slideshows of all images to be shown at your event, images can be sent directly to the people in the photo, and the engagement on social media supports your branding.

Fun – Forgetting all the technicals for a moment, photo booths can be fun. In a world full of businesses throwing ads in the consumers’ faces, you can be the one who differs by allowing all guests to have fun. If you choose a company that offers numerous photo booth options, like Abbey Road Entertainment, you really get the fun going.

Nowadays, we’re more likely to buy after a friend’s recommendation above anything else. With your images being shared online and your guests having fun with your logo playing a role, your brand is being shared in a genuine way as opposed to being a forced recommendation or a fake review.


Simplicity – Nowadays, we spend thousands of dollars and hours of our time trying to get our marketing schedule right. Why go to all this effort when a simple photo booth yields just as great results in a fraction of the time? Once you place the call with your chosen company, it normally takes one person to run the booth (maybe two on the more labor intensive options).

With iPad photo booths and the like, owners and managers can allow their guests to have fun while interacting with everyone and making sure they get some form of value from the event.

Friends of Friends – If we head back to social media once again, the friends of your friends are your modern day mailing list and this’ll be important in 2018. With your branding all over the internet, the friends of your guests ask where they are, why they’re at your event, and how they can become a part of your brand.

In 2018, the technological world will continue to develop but one thing’s for certain; photo booths will continue their successful journey in the corporate world!

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