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Jul 21
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5 Trends for Corporate Events in 2017


When it comes to corporate events, most companies are stuck in the past as to what they should be offering. Instead of utilizing the many options now available thanks to technology, they hold simple events with no interaction for the guest, no social media presence, and this has little impact on the guest themselves. As a result, we’ve decided to compile a list of trends for corporate events in 2017 so your guests walk away happy!


Crowd Streaming – In years gone by, streaming would have required expensive equipment and experts who had a degree in using it. Now, thanks to sites like Facebook, you can stream your event for no cost. If you’re launching a product, appreciating your employees, or perhaps even your clients, streaming is a fantastic idea because thousands of people will have access to the stream online. After the live stream ends, it’ll be available on your page for all to see later. While potential clients are impressed by the event, job-seekers will also want get involved in your business and you’ll receive an influx of résumés.


Personalization – With data becoming easier to obtain, personalized offerings are quickly becoming a trend in this niche. Within the event planning industry as a whole, many companies are starting to utilize data scientists who collect and interpret data in order to personalize a particular service or offering. With your guests benefitting from this, they feel more valued than an event where everything is rather generic.


Photo Booths – Thanks to their ability to get people talking and create memories for those who already have some form of relationship, photo booths are still popular this year. However, it isn’t just standard photo booths that have captured the imagination of event planners and guests because technology has pushed this niche into new realms recently. For example, there’s one photo booth, available at Abbey Road Entertainment, that takes pictures before then creating a flipbook as a keepsake.


Interactivity – For the modern attendee, turning up and taking part isn’t enough because they also want to interact with the event whether this comes through social media or any other platform. For example, smartphones and tablets can now be utilized to educate or quiz guests throughout the event. If you’re looking for feedback, you could also point them in the direction of a polling or voting program. In the past, many businesses have allowed employees and clients to choose their next campaign graphic with a vote; this can be achieved through voting kiosks.


Unrelated Experts – Strangely enough, guests are also requesting the services of performers and experts who can teach them a new skill. Recently, we heard of an event where a magician went around teaching magic tricks and the guests left with something they didn’t have before; a new trick. Thereafter, you can almost guarantee they showed friends and family members who then asked ‘where did you learn that?’.


With these five trends for 2017, you can turn your corporate event from ‘average’ to ‘amazing’!

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