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Nov 7
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5 Unique Themes for Corporate Events

Corporate events can be a little boring and stuffy at times. If you’re looking for unique corporate event themes, then here are some ideas that will get your mind going. Here are some of the best and creative themes that you can incorporate into your annual corporate events.

Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory

Turn your event into something that Willy Wonka would appreciate it. If you like the thought of having a whimsical themed holiday party, consider hosting a chocolate-themed corporate event. It doesn’t matter if you call it Charlie & the Chocolate Factory or Willy Wonka’s Chocolate World. You should throw an over-the-top party that has everyone wondering what your event is all about.

Everything in the event should have a theme, right down to the food. You should have plenty of snacks and meals that follow the candy theme. You should also incorporate the candy theme into your decor and party favors. The entertainment should be complete with a live band, DJ, or a musician. Along with the music, have fun candy-themed games that rival Shoots & Ladders.

The Masquerade Ball

A masquerade ball is very mysterious. This is a great theme if you want to impress your upscale clients. This party theme calls for all of your guests to wear decorative masks. If you go into this theme with a lot of enthusiasm, you can have a corporate event that looks like something out of Phantom of the Opera.

Masquerade balls use a lot of turquoise, purple, and gold. During the holidays, you may want to use silver and gold or silver and red. The masks are the most important part of your event. Encourage your guest to bring their own masks and to follow the formal dress code. Keep an extra on hand in case guests are unable to get one at the time of your event.

The Halloween Party

Halloween isn’t something that can be celebrated all year long. But it’s a great theme to have if your corporate event takes place in the month of October. This theme will give your event a different look and feel, and make it stand out from the other corporate events your colleagues probably attend.

You can choose different themes for this event. Some great ideas include Nightmare Before Christmas, Halloween costume contest, zombie corporate event, or horror movie theme night. The great thing about this theme is that you can choose to have a Halloween bash or have your guests follow a specific dress code.

Karaoke Bar

A music-themed party is ideal if you have budget concerns. Consider using a karaoke for this corporate event, and include popular hit music. Ask your colleagues to sign up for the karaoke event to sing their favorite songs in solos, in duets, or in groups. Guitar Hero, Dance Revolution, or Rock Band are also great games to incorporate into this event.

Keep the decor light and fun. You want to include colorful streamers, balloons, and lights as if they stepped into a karaoke club. Any kind of menu will work best for this theme. You can choose to have appetizers or snacks only or have a buffet-style dinner or a sit-down meal. It all depends on what your budget can provide.

Christmas Around the World

Like Halloween, Christmas isn’t celebrated every day. This is a great theme to use around the holiday season. No one will feel left out especially if you work for a diverse company. For this theme, you want to choose a selection of dishes that cater to the different nationalities around the world. Your beverages should also follow the around-the-world theme. Include wines from France and Italy, and beers from Germany and Belgium.

Your corporate event should have Christmas come to life. Do a research on the background of your speakers and colleagues to incorporate their nationalities’ holiday decorations into the venue. Assign each table a country, such as a Japanese table, an Indian table, etc. You may even want to decorate each of the tables that represent each country’s flag and style. Lastly, include festive music that’s heard around the world.

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