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Apr 25
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6 Benefits of Choosing a Photo Booth for Your Corporate Event

At Abbey Road Entertainment, we provide a whole host of services from karaoke events, game rentals, and photo booths. However, it is the latter that seems to attract the most attention and the most questions. If you have ever wondered whether you should or shouldn’t have a photo booth at your next corporate event, we have laid out some benefits below!

Good Fun – If you were to choose us, you would have an opportunity to choose from a variety of different photo booths as well as the standard options. For example, we can offer mirror booths, flipbook booths, and even green screen technology. For everyone involved, this opens the doors for fun and gets everybody talking through the event.

Mingling – If you are bringing different people together who might not be familiar with one another, photo booths are great because they get conversations started and different groups will mingle together. Suddenly, people with a mutual friend will be in the same booth and it brings people together. At some events, the awkward atmosphere around a buffet table is almost palpable so you can break the ice for them.

Networking – If it is more of a networking type event with a casual theme, this mingling can turn into an opportunity to build business contacts. Rather than sitting in that forced atmosphere of a conference room, guests can break down these barriers and have an informal conversation. In today’s world, it gives you a chance to be unique and show that business can be more relaxed.

Easy and Affordable – As a business, we know that money is always a key factor but photo booths are easy to operate and completely affordable. With Abbey Road Entertainment, we will send one of our experts along to look after the booth and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Furthermore, we offer a great price considering the product on offer!

Personalization – If you are having a themed event, you will find a personalized photo booth with the same theme. For example, our great LED photo booth can show in the colors of your brand or theme. Additionally, green screen technology can be used to match your theme and all the resulting videos or photos will all link back to your event.

Memories/Promotion – After leaving your event, you want all your guests to remember it moving forward. Sometimes, this can be hard but the photos and videos will allow each guest to walk away with a memory and this will look great for you. As a business, this benefits you because they won’t forget the event in a hurry.

There we have it, just six benefits to photo booths but we could go on all day! For example, you can add more fun with props, a DJ can be added, live streaming, slow-motion videos, and full customization!

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  • Posted on Apr 25 2017 By Taylor Bishop

    Thanks for going over some benefits of having a photo booth for an event. I actually hadn’t considered that it could have a chance to create and build some business contacts. It’s really interesting to think that these could serve a purpose even in a business setting. Not only that, but it could be fun to see the different photos that are made from utilizing this.