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Jan 7
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Appropriate Corporate Event

Corporate events are not typical dull business meetings that go on without end. Many corporate events take place at dinners, ball games, picnics and other places of leisure and recreation. So many people are confused as to what’s considered proper and professional and do not know where to draw the line. Review a few suggestions on to how to plan an event that will remain professional.

Nightclub Settings

Everyone knows what constitutes a nightclub setting – loud music, scantily clad patrons and wild dancing. Although it sounds fun for a birthday party, it’s inappropriate for an event with coworkers and employees. Leave this type of setting in the nightclub. People should still adhere to a semi-professional dress code, even if it’s casual, and maintain professional conduct that does not get out of control.

Offensive Entertainment

The entertainment is the part that most people look forward to. Any type of entertainment can be hired from DJs to comedians and even clowns, but there are major differences between offensive and non-offensive entertainment. Hiring a comedian is fine, but not one who tells rude offensive jokes about the employees. Hiring an entertainer who offends people or violates their privacy in any way is not acceptable.

Too Much Entertainment

The entertainment level at a corporate event should be kept to a minimum no matter what. Too much entertainment is hiring too many DJs or playing too much music. A casual business setting allows people to talk among themselves and hear what other people are saying. Entertainment is important but not the central focus of these events.

Negative Triggers

Serving too much alcohol or focusing too much on promoting the bar is never recommended. Drinking is a trigger for bad behavior in many people, especially those who are trying to stop drinking. Serve foods along with drinks and provide vast selections of nonalcoholic drinks.

Gossip is always a trigger for negative behavior, so avoid allowing people to stand around for long periods of time and socialize. Encourage them to participate in several team building games or activities. Help them to promote teamwork, cooperation and tolerance while reducing hostility within the company.

Although planning a corporate event requires mostly common sense, it’s easy for things to get out of hand. When this happens, a scandal occurs, and the first complaint is made against the company. The company and its event planning staff members are held responsible for anything bad that happens. To protect your company and its employees from scandals and punishments, know how to plan a corporate event properly.

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