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Jan 22
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6 Attention Grabbing Trade Show Booth Ideas Guaranteed To Attract Visitors

Trade shows are a great way to reach out to targeted consumers, network with distributors and influencers in the industry, assess competition, increase brand awareness and introduce new products or services. They mean good business and greater returns on investment. But how do you invest wisely in one? How do you attract consumers in a sea of business and brands offering similar products or services? Basically, how do you stand out in this increasingly competitive and creative arena? 

Trade shows require more than just a great product or offer to grab attention – you really need to hit the ball out of the park to make an impact. The following list of the most effective strategies will help you do just that! So let’s get started.

  • Photo Booth Rentals

This one has to be a no-brainer! Photo booths make the top of the list because they are all the rage. In an era where Instagram and Snapchat rule the world, consumers want ‘share-worthy’ content. And what better way to give it to them in the form of photo booths offering state of the art technologies like green screen technology that enables users to select their own background and virtual story to share with the world. You could also offer video booths offering 360 degree slow motion video or 3D Printing experiences with on-site printing facilities. Check out these options and more at Abbey Road Entertainment for a wide range of state of the art photo booth rentals. 

  • Money Blowing Machine 

What better way to attract people to your booth than to make them an offer they can’t refuse? Well, it worked for Don Corleone and could definitely work for you too! It is an absolutely amazing and unique offering that will be a great form of entertainment and attraction for visitors of a trade show. You could place vouchers, money or even coupons in the machine and let it do the magic for you! Here is a Premium Money Machine that comes with a wide range of customization options based on your requirements. 

  • Arcade Crane Games

Thinking it’s too old school for 2020? Well, try walking past an arcade crane game without wanting to give it a go. Some things never get old or out of fashion. This arcade crane game by tops that list! Perhaps it is the reminders of the good old times or just the bait that will claw not only the goodies you put inside the machine but also the attendees of a trade show! 

  • Key to Riches

This is another great entertainer that will attract an audience! Key to Riches is a relatively simple game but with great potential for entertainment and engagement. All you need is participants trying a number of keys to find the one that will open the door to ‘riches.’ Nobody goes to a trade show wanting to come back with just the treasure of knowledge. Well, even if they do, the incentive of having an opportunity to win something would be enough to get them circling your booth!  

  • Promo Wheel

Imagine an 8 feet giant promo wheel, like this one, that has been custom designed to promote your products or services. It’s a great opportunity to introduce new products, increase brand awareness, encourage engagement and get the conversation started about your business’s offerings. Promo wheels are fun and entertaining, and when done right, provide great branding opportunities. It is a win-win situation all the way!

  • Arcade Games Rentals

Want non-stop entertainment and the foot traffic rolling in all through the day? Try arcade games! They’ve been attracting audiences since their inception in the 70s. They are fun, entertaining and offer great potential for attraction and customization. Select an arcade game that best suits your business and brand and let it do the promotions for you! There are hundreds of arcade game options to select from. Opt for classics like pinball machines, Dance Dance Revolution or Pac Man that has been customized for your business and you can let the game do its magic for you! Abbey Road Entertainment has a wide range of classic and new arcade game rentals to select from. Check the complete list here. 

These are just some of the many options available. But these classics never get old and never fail to attract an audience. Make sure you select an option that matches your brand’s personality, the type of trade show you are a part of, and the type of audience you are trying to attract.

The success of a trade show depends on the homework and preparation you do beforehand. Know that it will yield the ROIs you expect from it, considering you have invested wisely. All these options will surely grab the attention and attract visitors of all ages and from all walks of life! Just don’t forget to personalize them and have a friendly and welcoming team to manage and help the visitors around. Also don’t forget to have fun! 

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