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Jul 15
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Benefits of a Corporate Event for Your Clients

In recent years, corporate events have become relatively common in the business world which might leave you wondering why. Previously, we’ve covered why it’s important to celebrate your employees but today we want to dig deeper into the topic of celebrating your clients. With more and more companies holding events for their customers, could you benefit from the practice in 2017 and beyond?


Thank You – First and foremost, a corporate event is a great way to show your appreciation. The reason why this wasn’t so important in years gone by is because customers didn’t have too much choice. However, today there is vast amounts of competition in each and every industry. Therefore, customers need to feel valued and appreciated otherwise they’ll just go and find another service who can help instead.


If you’re in a highly competitive market, you’re likely to be living in a fairly uncertain environment. With a corporate event, you can make your customers feel a part of your brand and, when they feel this, they won’t be going anywhere in the near future.


Feedback – Secondly, corporate events are actually a very good way to get feedback in a more relaxed environment. By having you and your team walk around the floor conversing with clients, you can get to know what people like/dislike about your service. If you sense a common theme in the dislike category, you can get to work fixing this and save customers from having to look elsewhere for their future needs.


Social Media – By advertising your event on social media and showing all your clients having fun, you immediately attract the attention of all other consumers in the industry who don’t get the same service. Instantly, this makes your brand look more personable because you’re going above and beyond the required duty.


Advice – In business, we tend to make a huge deal of predicting where our customer’s needs will be in one, five, and ten years’ time. However, why should we predict this when we can have our customers tell us directly? In this day and age, customers aren’t accustomed to companies asking them where they want the industry to go in the future. Considering they’re the ones using your service, they are the ones best positioned to know their needs.


At a corporate event, you can talk to them directly about what they would like to see from your service in the future. If some would prefer to do this anonymously, you could even leave a suggestion box (or a suggestion iPad to keep up with the times!) somewhere at the venue. Although most companies would shy away from this, we believe your customers would love the fact you’re willing to listen to their opinions.


ROI – With all of the reasons above, plus the new customers you should earn, it’s fair to say a corporate event for clients is highly likely to bring a positive ROI while cementing your position in the market!


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