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Feb 22
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Boosting Corporate Event Attendance

One of the first questions to arise when beginning to plan a corporate event is whether to make employee attendance mandatory. The answer is not easy, but what should be easy is the decision to take steps to make your corporate event both effective and memorable. The objective of most corporate events is to disseminate information effectively, inspire teamwork and create a memorable experience outside of the business as usual setting. To achieve these goals and ensure a big crowd is in attendance there are three topics to keep in mind, information, inspiration and make the event memorable.


Whether the event is for employees or clients information is the key. Information begins during the planning stages with invitations and flyers to pass along dates and travel itineraries. Whether the event centers around a product launch, customer appreciation or employee recognition a good meeting starts with spreading the word.
Do not simply send e-mail invitations which may get immediately deleted. If the event is not too large, phone calls talking up the positivity of getting together is an option. Any positive interaction will make for higher attendance.
Once the event is underway, remember to break up the information sessions with fun activities. Rent a photo booth, virtual reality games or have a magic show.


Employees will often attend a corporate event if co-workers are also going. Arrange transportation so team members can ride together. During lunch have different departments dine together. It is fun to meet people face to face after only speaking to them on the phone.
There is rarely a reason to use the word mandatory when attendees know they will have fun with co-workers or clients. Rent arcade games like Pac-Man or plan a basketball or softball tournament. The tournaments do not have to be full length games, but just enough quarters or innings for everyone to participate.

Make Events Memorable

The best way to make any event memorable is to appeal to people’s emotions. Include employee or customer testimonials about positive experiences or how an obstacle was overcome. Hire a keynote speaker with a positive message. Athletes are often engaging speech givers about overcoming obstacles.
Create an event hashtag. Encourage attendees to post to social media using the hashtag. Break into small groups to discuss challenging or difficult experiences, so others can give feedback or solutions. Advice from peers can create a sense of community that lasts long after an event is over.

Attendance requirements for corporate events can vary depending on the industry and management style of a business. What does not vary is the desire to have each event well attended and enjoyed by the participants. Getting the event information out, inspiring teamwork and making it fun are all aspects to help boost event attendance.

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