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May 7
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Brand Marketing and Corporate Events

So you think your company has a great product or service the whole country, maybe the whole world, needs to know about? How do you tell everyone why your product or service is the best around? Brand marketing.
A company brand represents an identity and culture and is often the first element a customer, competitor or future employee sees. A brand is more than just a product you can touch or service you can buy, it encompasses goals and values, so how do you help establish a brand in a busy, over saturated with advertising and social media world? Brand marketing.


You may have a logo, slogans and advertising ready to go, but don’t forget your employees. Their knowledge about a product is crucial for a successful marketing campaign. Well informed associates that are comfortable with the product, service or marketing strategy will bring excitement to the entire process. If your brand will be relying on a sales force, then it is crucial these particular people know all they can about the product and how it is being marketed.
To launch your brand’s marketing consider a corporate event just for employees. The occasion could be a simple lunch to talk about the brand and inform them about important dates and goals or something more involved like a launch party with booths, guest speakers and door prizes.

Potential Clients

Just like with company employees, a lunch or dinner with potential clients would be a low key way to introduce your brand. If you know some customers already a meal could offer a personal invitation to try the new brand.
A corporate event just for potential clients would offer the extra engagement of everyone mingling and networking. Before holding an event for a new brand be sure you have business cards, social media accounts and signing all with the new logo and colors to present a cohesive strategy. Be sure to follow up after the event to thank them for their interest.


There is another group outside of employees and clients and that is influencers. While social media influencers can be anyone from anywhere they have power to affect purchase decisions, because of their brand knowledge or relationship with their followers. A marketing team can target and contact influencers in your industry to help get information to a whole new group of people.

Brand marketing is an exciting phase for any business and a well run corporate event can tie every element together.

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