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Aug 23
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Branding your corporate event

Client-focused corporate events are a great way to thank your existing loyal customers for their business, and also to attract potential new clients. Events like this focus on the guest experience, and should ideally give your guests a better understanding of your company and its motivations, objectives and services offered. One of the best ways to do this is through the use of branding. Branding is about standing out from the crowd and leaving a lasting impression of your business on your clients. It is generally more effective than traditional advertising andcan change public perception, re-brand your existing business or help to establish a new one. Whether the branding is subtle or in your face, the outcome will have long-term benefits for the success of your company: the most prominent being instant brand recognition. Do you want your company to dominate the business market? Read on and consider branding your next corporate event!


#1: Create an event theme, take it to the extreme

In the early stages of hosting a corporate event, it is important to first sit down and identify the style of your desired brand and the feeling it should evoke in your clients: then bring it to life in the event. Convert the brand into an experience! Engage all senses if possible to make it as memorable as possible.. Things like colour coordination, lighting, decoration, music, special menus, dress code and relevant entertainment can deliver this experience for your guests. The brand should be instantly recognizable upon entering the event…so brand everything!

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#2: Incorporate and encourage social media use
There are may ways that social media can extend the reach of your company’s branding. For example, having a photobooth at your corporate event increases the likelihood of guests posting their photos online, sharing their experience of the event. Photo ops are inexpensive and, with the use of social media, easily convert guests into brand advocates when guests post their photos online. This tactic is especially effective if you encourage the use of hashtags for all event photos. Additionally, you can incorporate social media before the event to increase anticipation for the event by advertising the event, interesting and inviting potential guests, and creating buzz for the event itself.


#3: Send guests home with goodie bags

Goodie bags, swag bags, party favours: whatever you choose to call them, sending guests home with free merchandise is a great way to maximize branding reach. The key to achieving brand recognition with free merchandise is to send out branded gifts that are functional and, if possible, reflect your company’s services. For example, functional items like pens or mugs are used on a daily basis and when potential clients see the name of your company every time they take a sip of coffee or write a memo, they will always have your company in mind. More extravagant gifts can certainly be included; the objective is to gift items that will remind the potential client of your company’s brand.


The most important aspect of branding your company is to sit down and define the brand personality, and make it stand out. Choosing a brand style to represent your business is a big commitment, so consider reaching out for professional help to brand your business today!

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