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Feb 15
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Child Friendly Corporate Events 

Corporate events take on a whole different tone when children are invited, because, well, kids are not interested in budgets, schedules or spreadsheets. Embrace your own inner child and have some fun watching a family movie, learning (or relearning) to hula hoop or just draw and make thank you cards.

Bring on the popcorn or snacks and settle in for family movie time. Two popular choices for animated films are “Finding Nemo” and “Moana”. Serve goldfish crackers or Swedish fish for snacks and bring in a bubble machine for seaside ambiance. Pass out leis if “Moana” is the movie choice.
Two choices for family live-action movies are “E.T.” and “The Wizard of Oz”. Provide glow in the dark sticks or necklaces. Have Reese’s Pieces available as snack for E.T.

Watching the Olympic Games and following favorite athletes is fun, but planning a family friendly Olympics will build memories and provide a great opportunity to get everyone moving. The classic games of tug of war, an egg on a spoon race or bean bag toss are familiar to anyone and accessible to almost any age group. Provide hula hoops and chalk for hop scotch games for a retro feel. Two real Olympic events many attendees will be able to participate in are badminton and ping pong. Teenagers would enjoy air hockey or foosball tables. Do not forget gold medals for all who participated.

Supply some sunscreen and send the attendees outside. Get them outside to chase away the wiggles and commune with nature. In some areas of the country there are bald eagle nesting tours while in another area you can swim with the dolphins. A petting zoo is always popular with small children.
Scavenger hunts can be tailored to any outdoor venue and age group. Send players off in teams with their lists and a set amount of time. Have the competitors photograph the found item rather than physically bring it back.

Community service activities will bring every event goer together for a common cause. Sending thank you cards to first responders or those serving in the military will only require cards, pens or crayons. Drawing colorful pictures for nursing home residents will take just a few moments, but will brighten someone’s day.
Ask event attendees to bring toys to donate to Toys For Tots or books to donate to an after-school program. Start a coat drive during the cold months or a school supply collection during back to school time.
Caring about people in the community is a wonderful lesson for young children and putting together packages or donations is a meaningful team building experience.

Some other family-friendly and common event activities include inflatable bouncy houses and rock climbing walls. Face painting and magic shows are low-cost perennial favorites. No matter your budget or time of year including children at a corporate event will up the fun and memories for everyone.

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