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Mar 4
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How to Choose the Right Event Entertainment

Planning a great corporate event has a few basic elements. Of course, there is the food and the atmosphere, but don’t underestimate the importance of having great event entertainment on the outcome of your event. Whether it is a band, stand-up comedian, or DJ, the quality of your event’s entertainment really drives how your event is perceived down the road by attendees. If you are new to booking entertainment, here are a few tips that can help you pick correctly.


What is its Role?

Before you choose the entertainer that best suits your event, you must understand what the role of the music is at the event. Is it going to be a focal point for a period of time, designed to capture the attention of your clients? Is it just needed for background music to create a mood? It wouldn’t be wise to book a dubstep DJ for an event where people are having light conversation over cocktails. At the same time, you don’t want to book a jazz quartet at a celebration for your sales staff meeting its yearly goals. Fit the entertainment to its purpose don’t fit your event around the entertainment.

event entertainment band

What is Your Budget?

Just like any other facet of event planning, you want to stay under budget when planning the myriad details of your corporate event. This can be more difficult when booking entertainment because the cost of different groups is varied from genre to genre and even act to act. If your entertainment budget is tight, consider a DJ instead of a live band. They usually come at a lower price because there is only one of them. You may lose something when it comes to energy by doing this, though.


Consider the Venue

Is the venue you are using set up for a live band? Obviously, it is going to be much easier and cost effective to hire a band to play in a venue that already has a PA installed. Not only will it probably sound better, it will also be more cost-effective because it prevents you from having to rent a PA system for your event.


What is the Theme?

If your theme is related to a certain music genre, you should hire a group that represents that. Depending on the theme, it might seem out of place. This is especially important if the event is related to any cultural holidays or events. Remember to always do it respectfully without overdoing it.


If you following these tips, you will find a great entertainment option that is perfect for your event. It is easy to have your eyes get bigger than your stomach when you are hiring entertainment, forcing you to blow out your budget and make up for it in other departments.


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