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Dec 20
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Common Corporate Event Challenges

Even the most experienced corporate event planner knows that no matter how many events they have successfully organized, the unexpected can always happen. Even when you have planned every detail, there are always too many moving parts to control. Here are some of the common corporate event challenges and solutions in corporate event planning.

• Too Many Attendees

When planning an event, you are always hoping that it will be full. However, sometimes the crowd can be more than you expected. This can lead to overcrowding, which leads to long lines at the coatrooms, buffers, and restrooms.
The best way to get over this issue is to establish a ticket limit sale. This will ensure there is no risk of overcrowding when the event begins. For future events, come up with a waitlist. If the reservations for the events are still incoming, you can still move the event to a bigger venue. If you are not charging for the event, ensure that it is on a first come first serve basis.

• No One Comes

In some cases, you can spend an entire month planning for an event, including paying for it. However, no one comes and you end up with one speaker, one sponsor, and below average entertainers. If you did not charge for the event, attendees might not feel compelled to attend.
To avoid this, ensure that you monitor the ticket sales for your event; this is even when the tickets are free. If you find that the event is not picking up momentum, offer some incentives like free giveaways to get people excited about it.

• Venue Frustrations

As an event planner, the last thing you want to hear is that there is an issue with your venue. It is especially so if problems arise on the day of the event. One way to overcome the issues is to utilize online ticketing. It ensures that your attendees have your contact information in case any last minutes changes.

• Problems with the Entertainment

Attendees show up to an event with a reasonable expectation that they will be entertained. You want to ensure that they remain engaged during the whole event. However, the band can cancel on you at the last minute. Ensure that you have an entertainment presentation that is complete with images and videos.

• Speaker Fails to Show Up

Sometimes you can manage to attract an audience by promising that a respected speaker will attend the event. However, he or she might decide to back out. When this happens, the guess might decide to pull out as well.
To avoid the issue, have the speaker record his presentation beforehand. You can then play the recording at the event as you find some new speakers. Ensure that you explain to potential attendees what just happened. For those who want their money back, have a refund policy in place.
A lot can go wrong when planning an event. To avoid embarrassment, always have a plan in place.

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