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Jun 24
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Common Types of Corporate Events

When the term ‘corporate event’ is used, we all seem to get a different picture in our heads and this is because the term actually covers a number of different events. If we break it down, ‘corporate’ can be anything related to your business which is why some think of employees gathered at a party while others think of clients and other stakeholders at a conference. Below, we’ve compile a list of the most popular corporate events and why they’re useful!


Team Building Events – First and foremost, team harmony and morale are two very important factors in every single business. Therefore, many owners and managers like to allow a day out of the office to partake in team building events. Although we instantly picture walking along a rope course, team building can be a multitude of activities both indoors and outdoors.


Product Launches – If you’re planning to launch a brand new product or service and want to build some excitement, a product launch may be the way to go. In addition to the initial meeting with your employees, you can then invite members of the media and even some of your clients to officially announce your new offering. Depending on your budget and the importance of the launch, you’ll want to choose on a scale between a simple announcement to a full-blown event with food, drink, and entertainment.


Appreciation Day/Night – Perhaps one of the more common events, you might want to show your appreciation to your employees or clients. With employees, many companies either take an afternoon off for a fun-filled time with activities and a BBQ or an evening for a dinner or perhaps an awards evening. Nowadays, the options for appreciation days are endless with simulator rentals, game show evenings, karaoke, games evenings, sports days, casino rentals, and many more.


Incentive Programs – In any industry, a business always has an opportunity to introduce targets for their employees. As an incentive, you can introduce a reward for all those who reach the targets in the coming weeks and months. In order to keep the employees motivated, the reward needs to be significant but the investment required is sure to bring a return in the long-run; not only because they work hard to reach the target but because they’ll work harder upon return as they feel valued.


Others – After this, your corporate event could be for a seminar or conference. Perhaps your business offers valuable information to the community? By compiling this information into a seminar, you can add value to all those who attend without taking away from the value of your product/service. Furthermore, you could even arrange a trade show to generate leads for your business.


As you can see, there are many different events held under the ‘corporate events’ umbrella but this doesn’t have to be a scary proposition. Instead, you can contact Abbey Road Entertainment, inform us of your needs, and we can get to work on your behalf!

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