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Feb 8
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Corporate Award Ideas

Employee recognition is not a one size fits all strategy. Each business has specific goals, values and productivity ideas, but recognizing associates increases morale and lowers turnover which is part of a great business model for any type of corporation.

There are many different types of employee recognition, but all allow time for feeling valued and respected for hard work. A corporate event is the ideal time to present awards whether for teams or individuals. Different types of recognition include employee of the month, an anniversary, spirit award or going above and beyond expectations.

Before a corporate event send out a survey to get ideas about what employees would like to see in an awards ceremony. A paper survey in the break room is an easy way to reach those that do not have access to corporate e-mail.
Recognition from peers is often more appreciated and heartfelt than from a supervisor. There are websites and apps that give tokens or points to recognized associates that they can turn in for merchandise or prizes.

An inexpensive way to recognize success is on social media. Profile award nominees on the company Facebook page or place their accomplishment front and center on the corporate website’s homepage.

Payroll is often so tight that finding time to work uninterrupted on a special project can be a gift. Time away from the normal business day for an in-depth work session can be a relief and a much appreciated recognition.

At the start of a corporate event pass out small journals and designate them for grateful lists. These lists are to highlight accomplishments and acts of kindness. Explain that these entries are for everyday things, the big and small, that make us smile and feel grateful.
If journals do not fit the event theme, designate a board or area of a website where attendees can post what they are grateful for. If the event is actually just a conference call, set a few minutes for people to say what they are thankful for.

Everyone likes good food. Do not skimp on the catering or food options at a corporate event. Food is central for both social and break functions and is often what attendees remember after the the event is over. Upgrade coffee machines or snack options in the break room. Offer transportation benefits such as paid metro cards or reserved parking spots for employee recognition.

Presenting gift cards as an award is welcome, but consider a contribution to a non-profit the employee is passionate about. A donation to a charity recognizes the associate and helps the community.

Corporate recognition matters. It boosts morale, recognizes accomplishments and increases productivity. To present an award at a corporate event in front of co-workers or peers gives the recognition special significance.
Even small inexpensive actions and awards make a big difference not just to the individual recognized but company wide.

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