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Jul 10
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Corporate event Catering

There is no easy way to say this, but food will be one of the costliest items on your corporate event budget, but do not skimp on the meal portion of the day. Food is fun, gives attendees a chance to relax and mingle and if done right, is often one of the most memorable elements of an event.


Pretzel, yogurt or doughnut bars offer all sorts of toppings. Cheeses, peanut butter and different varieties of mustard for pretzels. Fruit, nuts and candy for yogurt toppings and different kinds of jellies, syrups and sprinkles for doughnuts are popular options.

For snack time set up a coffee and tea bar next to a trail mix station where attendees can add ingredients to personalize their trail mix. Ingredients can include dried fruit, nuts and pretzels. The coffee bar and trail mix bar could be on portable carts with wheels, so they can easily be removed to make more room for work.

A salad bar for lunch does not have to have just lettuce as the main ingredient. Offer seafood, pasta and chicken salads with crackers or croissants for a more satisfying meal.

For an informal setting consider a taco, peanut butter and jelly or grilled cheese bar. There are all kinds of nut butters and jellies to be tried and offer tomato, ham or apple slices to be added to a grilled cheese sandwich. If the weather allows try taking the meal outside. Offer picnic tables for attendees to eat together and relax.

Festival Inspired Food

Sliders are a popular festival food and come with pork, chicken or hamburger. Nachos are also a big hit at festivals and sporting events. Nachos can be topped with meat or cheese and hot or sweet peppers.

Anything on a stick is always well received, because it is easy to carry and eat. Meat options on a skewer can be anything from meatballs to bacon. Whole cucumbers on a stick rolled in lemon pepper seasoning are refreshing and healthy. Don’t forget the most well known food on a stick, the corn dog.

Corn on the cob, popcorn and lemonade are festival food options that are healthy. French fries and fried chicken may not be healthy, but are part of every festival line up.

Try to offer mini portions for attendees who may be dieting. Be aware of vegetarian and gluten free options by offering fruits and vegetables.

Do not forget something sweet. Candy or caramel apples, fudge or funnel cakes covered in powdered sugar could be choices event attendees may enjoy.

Choosing foods with a caterer who uses regional farms will help you put on an environmentally friendly event. Sustainability is not just a buzz word, it can actually save you money and help the environment. Seasonal produce will be less expensive and choosing local farmers will use less energy to get it to your event.

Food is an integral part of any occasion. The right choices can make your corporate event memorable and delicious.

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