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Aug 19
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How Corporate Event Entertainment Can Help You Shape Company Culture

There are a lot of new business buzzwords out there these days. One of these terms is company culture. Simply put, company culture defines the personality of the company itself. It creates the working environment for the company’s employees which includes expectations, goals, values and the company’s mission. It also has a lot to do with business ethics.


It is very difficult to create a company culture during day-to-day operations. In fact, many find it difficult to understand how employees view the company’s culture. But one of the best ways to create and manage a company culture is through corporate events. And the corporate event entertainment that you choose goes a long way in helping to shape this culture.


Corporate Event Entertainment And The Company’s Goals


Everybody loves magic. Magicians seem to be able to do the impossible. And you can set up a corporate event with a magician that puts on a display of impossibility. You can then take the stage to exclaim that the company always strives to achieve the impossible. This creates a company culture of creativity, hard work and invincibility. It also lets your colleagues and customers know that you’re capable of doing what seems impossible.


This is one way to use corporate event entertainment to define your company’s culture. It would feel a bit strange to bring a magician into the office on a random Wednesday, but it is magnificent to use the power of a magician during a corporate event.


Make The Companies Culture Tangible


Using a magician to prove that impossibilities can be achieved is one way of making your company’s culture tangible. This takes the company’s culture out of the abstract and puts it right into the real world. And it’s always great to get hands-on.


Corporate events can also integrate physical tasks to become hands-on. Setting up booths or stations around the corporate event with different tasks can help employees, colleagues and customers understand the company’s mission. Each task can be related to the company culture that you want to cultivate.


Entertainment Encourages Interaction


You have brought your company’s culture to fruition through tangible events and now you want to encourage interaction. Corporate event entertainment loosens people up and encourages interaction. This interaction should center around what was just witnessed which will promote your company’s culture even further. You can even plan the entertainment to encourage interaction to drive home your company’s culture even more.


Keep Its Bite-Sized


The human mind can only concentrate on one thing for a certain period of time. You want to break up your corporate event into smaller, more digestible chunks. And you want to break up those chunks with little bits of entertainment along the way. One great way of achieving this is by setting up an array of different workshops. Each of the workshops can be headed by a professional that focuses on one small element of your company’s culture. By the end of the day, attendees will have experienced multiple workshops and will be able to understand your company’s culture completely.


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