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Jul 27
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Corporate Event Entertainment And Exclusivity: How To Put On A Launch

It’s essential for businesses to create chatter when it comes to launching a new product. Buzz is key to a successful launch and can make or break a new venture. But creating a buzz can be difficult in this age of overstimulation.


Corporate events are critical for creating chatter about a product or business. These events are often thought of as cut-and-dry but corporate events are a critical tool. That’s because they offer a unique fusion of social interaction and marketing opportunities.


But the black-and-white specs of your new product or business are not exactly the most attractive thing at a corporate event. That’s why it’s critical to use corporate event entertainment to create a humming buzz over your new product or business.


Attractive Potential Customers


A good corporate event entertainment act can create buzz all on its own. This can create a “concert-like” effect where dozens or even hundreds of people will be excited to attend. The lure of a good entertainment act is a good first step in creating the chatter required to launch a successful product or business. Lure them in with the entertainment and then you hit them with your product or business idea.


Create A Bottleneck


It is critical to create an air of exclusivity around your product or business. Just think about how Facebook launched. It began with the most exclusive colleges across the country including Harvard. Only students with the proper .edu email addresses could sign up for the service. This created such a buzz that every young person in every other college across the country wanted to sign up for the exclusive service. It then slowly continue to roll out to other campuses across the country and eventually became a worldwide service.


You want to do the same thing. A good corporate event entertainment act will have dozens or even hundreds of potential customers wanting to attend. That’s when you create a waitlist for the event. That feeling of exclusivity should drive people on the outside absolutely crazy with the urge to get into the event.


High-profile Launch


Now you have created chatter about the launch of your product or business. And you’ve taken the crucial step of creating an atmosphere of exclusivity using corporate event entertainment. Now all you have to do is live up to the hype.


You can choose to infuse your product presentation with the corporate event entertainment. Or you can choose to present your ideas before and after the entertainment takes place. But you don’t want the entertainment to go first. That will allow people to leave the corporate event after the entertainment without ever hearing about your business ideas.


Positive Networking Opportunities


Good corporate event entertainment can create an atmosphere of positivity. Everybody at your corporate event wants to be there and this is your opportunity to make vital networking connections. And everybody that has attended your event will talk about it to their friends and colleagues to drive your visibility in the market even higher.

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