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Aug 3
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Corporate Event Entertainment Is Serious Business

It’s easy to get lost in planning your corporate event. Many simply focus on what will be learned during the event. After all, corporate events are all about learning and networking. But infusing entertainment into your corporate event has all sorts of positive benefits. Here are just a few.


Change Your Image


Corporate event entertainment can show another side of you. Many of your employees and colleagues may see you in a certain light. Their only exposure to you is in a serious business setting. But you can show your employees and colleagues that you can have fun, too. It makes you more approachable and may even open up new channels of communication.

New Channels Of Communication


Corporate entertainment can make you more approachable which will inspire socialization. Workplace socialization is a tricky thing to manage. Too much socialization can lead to lost productivity but so can too little socialization. Corporate event entertainment allows your employees to socialize during a managed period of time which will make the event fun and productive.


But perhaps the most important piece of this socialization comes in new channels of communication. Being more approachable means that your employees and colleagues are more likely to have a chat. You’ll learn new things about your employees and colleagues and they’ll have a much more positive image of you.


Stay Focused


The human mind only has so much bandwidth when it comes to learning. Most people tire of structured learning after only a few hours. It becomes difficult to concentrate and productivity goes down. But you can break of the day with corporate event entertainment. It will refresh your employees and colleagues so that they can learn more in the second half of the day.


Bigger Crowds


Corporate event entertainment makes the event attractive. One of the only ways to guarantee high attendance is with corporate event entertainment. Otherwise, you’ll be forced to make the corporate event mandatory which can deflate company morale. But entertainment will lure more of your employees and colleagues to the event which will increase productivity in the long term.


All The Way Through


Good entertainment will keep the butts in the seats. An amusing act will lure more of your employees and colleagues to the event they are more likely to stay throughout the event. Otherwise, hours of structured learning will have many of them burning out and perhaps leaving the event early.


Entertainment Makes It More Serious


This one is a bit counterintuitive. We have found that corporate entertainment gets your employees and colleagues taking the event more seriously. The entertainment might be comical but attendees tend to take the event more seriously after a good laugh. Otherwise, the entire event becomes too much to handle. Attendees might start rubbing the bridge of the nose in between their eyes waiting to get out of there. And, worst of all, they may just start joking amongst themselves to alleviate pressure.


It’s clear that corporate event entertainment increases attendance, promotes socialization and communication, and gets everybody staying focused.


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