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May 10
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Corporate Event Ideas for 2017

Nowadays, corporate events have almost become common practice and it seems as though you need to be holding them multiple times a year whether for your employees, clients, or anyone else. However, we also know the many benefits of holding such an event which means that the whole process can be fun. This year, Abbey Road Entertainment wants to help with your planning and, as a result, we have come up with a list of ideas for your corporate event in 2017. No matter who the target is or the reasons behind the event, these fantastic ideas may just come in handy!

Photo Booth Events – If you have been following the news recently within this niche, you will know all about the rise of the photo booth but do you know why? Well, it’s because there are just so many booths from which you can choose. At Abbey Road Entertainment, we have green screen booths, classic bellow booths, mirror me booths, LED booths, and more. What’s more, we even have one that can print photos into a flipbook and another that will print in 3D!

Game Show Night – Next up, we can help you to create the ultimate game show experience in a venue of your choosing. With this, all your employees, their families, clients, or whoever else will really get into the swing of things and a good time can be had by all. Ultimately, you can customize the experience to your choosing including the challenge game show and the fabulous feud game show. When you choose Abbey Road Entertainment, you don’t have to worry about a thing because we will take care of your needs whilst remaining inside your budget.

Party – Sometimes, a simple party is in order to lift the spirits and we can help with DJ services and the food. Why not spruce up the party with a cotton candy as well as a popcorn machine? In terms of the DJ, we have three packages ranging from ‘Basic’ all the way up to ‘Ultimate’ which includes lights, laser shows, fog machine, microphones, LED DJ booth, request sheets, consultation, and all the equipment. Once again, we can help regardless of your needs and regardless of your budget size.

Simulation Evening – Nowadays, virtual reality (VR) is big news and it just so happens that we have various pieces of high-quality VR equipment. For example, we can provide a full-size race car simulator, a smaller VR system with handheld controls, and a golf or sports simulator. If necessary, we even have racing machines and super bikes that will bring out the kid in everyone. Suddenly, you have a room full of big children who have their mind completely away from work. When they get back into the office, they will be more productive, motivated, and teamwork will almost certainly improve.

Talent Show – Depending on the theme you have, we have numerous performers who can help add that final touch. For instance, what about a stilt walker? Or a giant LED robot performer? Even after this, we can add a hint of magic with an illusionist or a caricature artist so your guests walk away with something fun as well as the memories.

If you have any questions or just need some more information, feel free to get in touch today and we will get the ball rolling for your 2017 corporate event!

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