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Oct 15
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Corporate Event Music: 5 Considerations

One the most parts of growing your business are hosting a corporate event. This helps you attract your target customers and drive new business. Hosting an event is a great way for your customers to get better acquainted with your company. There are various types of music that you can play at your corporate event. You’re not restricted to one type or one genre of music.

Determine Your Chosen Target Audience

Choose music that tailors to your target market. For example, if you’re holding a corporate event for entrepreneur millennials then it’s likely that they won’t relate to classical music. When deciding what kind of event to hold, you should think about the interests and lifestyle of your chosen customer base. If you have a group of men who like to smoke cigars and wear three-piece suits, you may want to have jazz music playing the background.

Consider The Day And Time Of The Event

Not only should you consider your target audience, but you should also choose the time and day that will be convenient for them. Weekends and weekday mornings are best for those who have full-time jobs and are parents with young children. However, weekends and evenings may work best for young successful entrepreneurs. Light orchestral music is best suited for a lunchtime event while upbeat popular music may work best at nighttime.

Decide Between Instrumental And Vocal Music

Music is more than just picking songs on a laptop computer. Most people assume that music has to have a backing voice. At corporate events, people love to network and chat with other entrepreneurs. But not all music is suitable as background music, such as hard rock and electronic dance music. Instrumental music may be suitable enough for background music while opera music may steal attention away from the overall event.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Percussion Music

Choose your instruments wisely as some are louder than others. Most businesses tend to shy away from using instrumental music at corporate events. Some instruments like drums and cymbals are notorious for being too noisy to play. You may want to consider something that’s easier on the ears like a saxophonist, violinist, or pianist.

If All Else Fails, Use Background Music

Hiring a jazz trio or quarter may be too expensive depending on your budget constraints. If you want to save money, you may want to consider using background music. You may want to hire a DJ who can play background music from a computer or laptop. It may be suitable to pick and choose music that you feel will suit your audience best.

With these key factors in mind, you’ll have an easier time choosing suitable music for your next corporate event. It can take some time and deliberation to determine this important factor for your event. You don’t want to waste money hiring the wrong band or DJ. With a few tweaks and a few tests, you’ll be able to choose music that best suits your audience and drives money back to your business.

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