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Sep 12
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Corporate Event Planning Guide

Planning a corporate event can be stressful. Questions about where to start, what kind of event to throw, who your audience is, where to throw the event, and even the menu can quickly become overwhelming. To make planning easier, here is a list of options to keep in mind when planning your next corporate event, as well as a general guide to help during the planning process!


  1. Select your event type

There are seemingly endless possibilities when it comes to choosing the type of corporate event to hold. The type of event will completely depend on what your company’s needs are, but here is a list of the most common corporate events to choose from:

-charity auction

-team-building retreat

-cocktail party

-murder-mystery dinner

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-seminar or conference

-client appreciation event

-trade shows

-holiday parties

-karaoke night

casino night corporate event

  1. Choose a venue

The venue you choose to house your corporate event will depend on the type of event you decide to throw. Regardless of which kind of venue you require, always remember to view multiple venues before making a final decision. Comparing rental fees and different included services can make the decision easier, while helping you stay under budget.


  1. Compile the guest list

When planning your event, ask yourself the following questions: who is the audience for the event? Who are you targeting? Again, this will depend on the type of event: for example, for a product launch, you typically want to invite the general public, specifically those who are already loyal customers to your company. Once the guest list is completed, utilizing social media invitations or Facebook groups is an easy way to keep track of RSVP’s and the guest count.

  1. Decide on a theme

Once you’ve chosen your event type, venue, and guest list, plan a theme for your event. Themes encourage guests to become more invested in the event, and allow you to utilize themed branding options to enhance brand recognition and make the event more memorable.


  1. Consider your food and beverage options

Depending on the type of event you choose to host your food and drink options will vary, but try to build a menu that suits your party’s needs. Is your event a corporate cocktail party? Maybe you’ll serve fancy appetizers and champagne. Themed party? Consider incorporating the theme design in the menu. The same goes for the bar menu; holiday parties will be infinitely more magical with holiday themed cocktails like hot toddys and mulled wine. Plan your food and drink options to match your party’s theme for a memorable and charming corporate event that will really stand out.  


  1. Plan your entertainment
    DJ’s? Live performers? Magician? Photobooth? Professional photographers? End of the night fireworks? Entertainment will be sure to wow your guests and leave them talking about the event for weeks to come.



Karaoke equipment, casino and game rentals, tents, and decoration rentals are icing on the cake of an amazing corporate event. For rental options, additional event ideas, and professional planning assistance, contact us at Abbey Road Entertainment and make your event a night to remember!

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