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Sep 4
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Corporate Event Planning Tips

Are you looking to plan a corporate event now or in the future? Are you unsure of how to plan a corporate event that will be effective, but also engaging and memorable for guests? Maybe you’re wondering about the benefits of throwing a corporate event, contemplating whether or not it’s worth the expense? Are you simply looking for ideas for your next corporate event? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, read on for a brief overview of corporate events and 3 tips for planning them!


Why throw a corporate event?

Corporate events are a great tool for many reasons; to foster good public relations, for networking purposes, to thank clients for their loyal business, to spread the word about your business via social media, fundraising, product launches, attracting new clients… the list goes on and on! At their core, corporate events give companies an opportunity to interact with their customers, potential clients, employees and/or general public.

There are endless possibilities when planning an event, but to make the most out of your event, here are three tips for hosting an effective corporate event:


Tip #1: Plan well in advance

Booking venues, caterers, entertainment and even accessories for the event (photographer, photobooth, goodie bag components, etc) can be difficult to nail down, so scheduling should be done as early as possible in order to ensure the best prices, preferred event dates, availability of all services and optimal attendance of guests. Earlier is also better because the earlier you start planning the event, the sooner you can start advertising! Early advertising will help create buzz for the event and build anticipation as the date draws nearer. Finally, the more thoroughly the event is planned, the more successful the event is likely to be. When a lot of time and effort goes into hosting a corporate event, the effort shows in the final product!

corporate event management chart

Tip #2: Consider branding the event

Branding your corporate event establishes the company’s image and allows guests, clients and potential clients to experience the company or brand on a personal and immersive level. Whether you’re looking to re-brand or initially establish your company in the business world, branding your corporate event is a great way to shape the public perception of your company and develop loyal customers.

From subtle actions, like planning your event around a theme, to more extensive actions like creating a unique and immersive environment in which to bring your company to life, branding can be done in many ways and will always benefit your business.


Tip #3: Utilize social media

In 2017 there are endless ways in which to utilize social media to your advantage. From compiling an all-star guest list from LinkedIn contacts, to sending out invites via Facebook, to tweeting hints about themes or door prizes on Twitter to encouraging guests to share photos via Instagram, the opportunities are infinite. Social media is the most effective way to reach a large audience quickly, so it can be a huge help when planning your corporate event. During and after the event, having guests post their photos with applicable hashtags is also a great way to turn them from party guests to brand ambassadors!


Keep up to date with our blog for more tips that will have you throwing the most talked-about corporate events of the year!

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