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Oct 21
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Corporate Event Problems & Solutions

No matter how many corporate events you’ve hosted, something always goes wrong. Event planning has its share of unpredictable moments. Here are some common corporate event problems and how to prepare in the event they happen.

Too Many People Attended

Though you want a good turnout, it can sometimes be too much of a good thing. It can be stressful when you have more guests than you anticipated. The next thing you know the venue is crowded and there are long lines at the buffet, restrooms, and coatrooms.

How do you address this all too common dilemma? If you’re still accepting guests, you may still have time to move it to an even bigger venue. You can also set a limit on tickets and set up a waitlist for the next event. If it’s a free event, then you may have a higher demand than you anticipated. You may have to set a cap on the event and allow guests on a “first come, first serve” basis.

Nobody Showed Up

It’s just as awkward to have no one show up to your event. You spent time and money planning just to have a few speakers, one sponsor, and some entertainment. The last thing you need is to have an empty venue that you spent money on.

Even though a free event can draw in a crowd, it can still be risky to host one. If your guests aren’t required to pay for a ticket then they’re more likely to opt out. Monitor your ticket sales on a site such as Eventbrite. Consider a last-minute promotion such as throwing in a free gift bag or hosting a giveaway if tickets aren’t selling out.

There’s A Problem With The Venue

The last thing you need is an issue with the venue on the day of the event. You may get a call from the venue that another business is considering using the place for a few more hours.

Having online ticketing for your corporate event is beneficial and can prevent things like this from happening. Most online ticketing sites give you a list of attendees that allow you to contact them to let them know of any last-minute changes.

You Don’t Have Any Entertainment

Your guests showed up to be entertained. You want to keep them captivated at every minute possible. The worst thing that could happen is that there is no background music or the band cancelled at the last minute.

One of the best ways to handle this is to come up with an entertaining presentation of your own. If you’re the one who’s speaking, break up your presentation with videos, images, and activities that will keep your

audience engaged and entertained. Coming up with a plan for when things get sour will prevent boredom and carry your event.

The Speaker Doesn’t Show Up

You’re so happy for booking one of the most influential speakers until you find out they’re not coming. You know everyone was looking forward to seeing him. He’s even splashed all over your advertising. What if your guests back out at the last minute? What if they demand their money back?

You need to be honest with your attendees. It’s hard to let them down, but you wouldn’t want them to show up and be disappointed. Have a refund policy in place so you can handle with a last-minute snafu such as this. If your speaker gives you enough notice, ask for a pre-recorded speech so you can play it at your event along with your new speaker.

Sometimes things outside of your control can go wrong. To be prepared, you need to have a backup plan in place.

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