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Corporate Event Speaker

Finding a speaker for a corporate event can be a challenge. You want someone fun, smart and experienced, someone within your budget and someone event goers will remember. Speakers are one of the top reasons people attend events, so it is important to keep a few ideas in mind when choosing a corporate event presenter.

Define Your Audience

The first step in choosing a guest speaker is to define your audience. What is the demographic of your event attendees? Will your event only have industry leaders or is this a more open or broad occasion with the public invited? The more diverse event attendees are, the more choices for topics and speakers you have.

A well known speaker such as a best selling author or professional athlete may be pricey, but they would draw a larger audience, but do not rule out local or regional experts or heroes as their stories are often inspiring and their speaking fees within reach.

How to Find a Speaker

To find a speaker search websites like LinkedIn or watch YouTube videos. Industry specific websites and publications offer lists of available speakers.

Ask a local nonprofit representative if they could speak. There are few more passionate individuals than those who work for a nonprofit. That passion can translate to a speech with a unique vantage point an audience may enjoy.

Colleges and universities are a great resource for educated and trained teachers willing to speak on their expertise. Professors are communicators by profession and the best can incorporate personal insights and humor to keep an audience engaged.

Do you have friends who are considered experts in their field or maybe a neighbor who has won awards for community service work? Is there a colleague who has a passion for a sport or the arts that has taken them all over the world? Your network of friends and co-workers may be full of interesting people and stories.

Types of Speakers

Informative speakers could be experts, authors or teachers that will educate the audience on something specific to your industry or brand. Informative speakers would like to expand audience perception or skill on a given topic.

Instructive speakers are usually industry specific professionals like human resource managers. An instructive speaker would like to increase awareness about a policy or the implementation of new ideas. They are generally good teachers, organized and want to convey specific concepts.

Most inspirational or motivational speakers are great storytellers and those stories embolden the audience to take action. Some common topics a motivational speaker may cover are team building, environmental activism and personal improvement.

Entertainers is the most broad category of event speaker. Entertainers could be comedy acts or magicians. Celebrities will draw a bigger crowd and bring an air of excitement to an event. Most celebrities bring a mix of inspiration, comedy and personal history to their talks.

Most speakers will crossover between two or three categories, but the top characteristic an event speaker needs is the ability to keep an audience interested and engaged.

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