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May 21
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Corporate Events for Strengthening Company Culture

Company culture is a term with prominence in the modern workplace. Owners, bosses and managers often seek to infuse this culture into the daily happenings of the business, yet they may discover some roadblocks along the way. Opting for a company event is one way to enhance the culture and to make employees more aware of what it means.


Announce the Goals

If your employees don’t hear about company culture until they are at the event, they may have a weaker understanding of what it means and why it’s important. Instead, announce that the event will focus on company culture. In fact, you may want to provide some brief articles to your staff members about the positive impacts of developing this type of culture for the business. Getting employees excited about the event and learning about company culture can heighten the effect that the seminar, conference or outing generates.


Make the Culture Visual

Simply talking about the culture of a company is often not enough. You don’t want to leave employees with a mere abstract idea of what the concept means. A brief presentation of slides and videos can help staff members to see how culture is enacted at other companies. Furthermore, you could set up stations with an array of tasks. At each station, employees must complete a series of goals that help them to better understand and implement the culture. Seeking options in corporate entertainment Toronto has to offer can help.


Develop Workshops

With a large company, you might be able to break the day up into an assortment of different workshops led by professionals. You may have ideas, or you may cull some from corporate entertainment Toronto can provide. For example, divide the day into hour-long slots. At each time slot, you can arrange a couple or a few different workshops on varying elements of company culture. Employees can choose which ones that they want to attend. Structuring the event in this way gives your employees a strong role in determining what direction they want to take.


Encourage Socialization

Think about how important communication is to any culture. If you ask your employees to sit through lecture after lecture, you are inviting them to be passive listeners as opposed to active participants. Planning multiple activities where employees socialize with one another is important. They often need to know each other in order to build that culture, and these activities afford them with the opportunity to learn what company culture means to others. Corporate party planning is often quite successful for this reason.


Ask for Feedback

While a level of hierarchy is often involved in creating some elements of culture, the community as a whole participates too. Whether through a survey, discussion or other exercise, you should ask your employees what elements they think should have a role in the culture of the company. You may want to do so a short period of time after the event so that the staff members can absorb what they have learned.


Hosting a corporate event and researching corporate party planning are smart ways to bring your employees together and get them to interact in a fruitful manner. Through this experience, they can both contribute to and learn about the culture of the business.


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