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Dec 16
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How to Throw a Corporate Holiday Party That Everyone Loves

While client gifts may be at the forefront of your mind this holiday season, throwing a company party for your employees can help your business grow from the inside out. When you take the initiative to show your employees they matter to you, not only on a professional level, their loyalty increases. With a bit of creativity, you can meet everyone’s expectations and eliminate stress for your employees with an amazing holiday party. You might even be able to let your hair down yourself! 

Here’s our best advice for hosting a company holiday party to show your team that you value the hard work they’ve put in all year while encouraging them to relax, have fun, and take the time to celebrate what they’ve accomplished. Since every office is different, there’s no particular right or wrong way to plan your holiday party – just do what’s best for your employees using these tips from our event planners.

Involve your team during the planning process

Show your team that you respect their opinions by asking them what they’d like to see included in the party. Provide a few different date suggestions and ask what works best, keeping in mind that Christmas is a busy time, especially for parents with young kids. Bring some creative ideas to the table. Show your employees that you’re not asking them to plan the entire party, you’re reinforcing that they’re appreciated. Remember that a little effort can go a long way!

Add an element of play!

While your holiday party is an extension of your corporate culture, it can also be fun to mix it up a bit with a few added bonuses and surprises. Why not plan an activity or game that people can enjoy? You may want to consider arcade game rentals. There’s nothing like a little competitive Space Invaders or Pin Ball to get the conversation going and take your employees out of work-mode. Activities that veer away from the standard sit down and dine approach tend to be much appreciated by today’s workforce. You can’t put a price on those instagramable moments of the CEO playing Pac-Man with the new hire.

Build camaraderie among team members

To take your party even further into the realm of crowd pleasing premiums, rent a game show production. Yes, it’s a thing and your employees will love it, not to mention it’s a great team building activity! We will produce a game show that’s customized to your holiday party with professional equipment, lighting, and displays. We provide everything that you need to build camaraderie among team members. Think Jeopardy or Family Feud, but your very own corporate branded edition.

Make it wildly entertaining

If you book a party space or your office has ample open space, the reality is you can do whatever you want. For guaranteed entertainment and social media buzz we recommend a casino night. Casino parties are now one of the most popular forms of entertainment for corporate events. Our professional and experienced dealers will not only deal the cards, but also instruct you on the rules of the game and show you the tricks of winning. Create a lasting impression with all-night casino entertainment, hire a caterer, have lucky door prizes or arrange a band or a DJ. Add a layer of branding for the inevitable snapchat and instagram posts from your employees by customizing the table decor, chips, and playing cards with your company’s branding. Choose a theme and run with it, taking special care that it caters to everyone’s interests.

Spark social interactions

When planning an office holiday party, it’s your job to provide an atmosphere that makes it easy for employees to relax and enjoy each other’s company. The most buzz-worthy item that can get people talking and sharing is a photo booth. Adding a ton of fun and excitement, photo booths are guaranteed to make any event a success. New technology provides guests with more than just a few photos – it’s an experience they will be talking about for years to come. Features like 360 degree slow motion video and karaoke. With our photo booths, employees can even print objects with our 3D Printing Experience or travel to a Hollywood red carpet with green screen technology. Add premium props to amp up the fun factor and post photos or videos directly to social media. This is not your average photo booth! And when it’s time to leave, onsite photo printing services will provide your employees with one of a kind photo gifts and a unique flip book. Our event planners will work with you to build the perfect photo booth rental package for your corporate holiday party. 


The annual holiday party is the perfect time to show your appreciation and reinvigorate your team for the new year. Whatever your company culture, budget, and employees are like, a good corporate holiday party should nail this one thing – make your employees feel appreciated. For many, the best gift of the season is spending quality time with friends or family. Use our tips as a starting point to foster a sense of friendship at your party, and it will be talked about at the office for years to come.


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