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Jun 18
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Corporate Sports Events

Professional sports events are tried and true venues for a corporate event. All major sport teams, such as hockey, baseball and basketball, offer sky boxes or suites for catered corporate outings. Clients, vendors and executives generally stand around mingling, networking and maybe watching the game.

This blog post is not about watching sports, but participating. Just like at a major league venue, those same clients, vendors and executives can play, swing, laugh and cheer. At an event where everyone is playing instead of watching the time will fly and the networking will be special.

3 Types of Golf

A golf scramble on a par 3 course will ensure even a novice golfer does not become frustrated. A scramble entails everyone on a team hitting from the same spot, then they choose the best shot and proceed from there. You can also have teams start from different areas on the course, so everyone finishes at about the same time.

If there are not enough people interested in a golf game then mini golf is the way to go. For corporate events that are also family oriented mini golf is a great option, because even small children can participate.

Disc golf has become popular and most municipalities have courses in public parks. The rules are similar to traditional golf, the game can played as singles or doubles and there is a 9 or 18 hole option.

Yard Games

The best aspect about offering various yard games at a corporate event is that everyone is familiar with the set up and rules. A classic yard game everyone remembers is kickball. Kickball is easy to organize and all you need is that familiar red rubber playground ball.

Did you know Bocce ball is a game dating back to the Roman Empire? Croquet took England by storm in the 1800’s. Both Bocce and croquet are simple low key yard games everyone can play.

Then there are horse shoes, badminton and corn hole games. Not played with a ball, of course, but these games are well known and accessible.

While most of the above mentioned games are for playing on grass, most can be adapted for inside. Ping pong is another choice that is adaptable for inside or out. Ping pong has been an Olympic sport since 1988.

Basketball and Soccer

Basketball and soccer can be adjusted for a corporate experience by playing half court or field and shortening the duration of the game. Allow for extra substitutions if the teams are large. Maybe try not playing a game at all, but offer a 3-point shooting or goal scoring contest.

Playing ball will get event attendees up and moving. Clients, executives and hourly associates will all get to participate and interact in a fun environment. The actual sport is not as important as the working relationships it can build.

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