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Oct 26
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Creating the Perfect Corporate Events

In the past, we’ve discussed corporate events as one and placed them under the same umbrella. In truth, this is actually wrong because there are so many different corporate events that offer different audiences and therefore needs. For example, the needs of a product launch will be very different to that of an employee gathering. Therefore, we’re going to break down the most popular corporate events and how you can make them a success.

Employees – First and foremost, if you’re saying ‘thank you’ to your employees, this corporate event needs to be fun. Whether you take time out of the office or have an event in the evening, you could include food so they don’t go hungry, you could invite their families so your brand becomes more family-oriented, and you could introduce karaoke, game rentals, photo booths, and other items to make the evening a success.

Clients – When appreciating clients, the story is a little different because you’re bringing dozens of strangers together who haven’t previously met. Therefore, you want it a little more professional but there’s no reason why you can’t introduce a photo booth or some form of a simulator to get people talking. Furthermore, you want them to get onto social media and advertise the fact they’re with you. Suddenly, all competitors and other companies see how well they’re treated and they’ll be looking up your name within seconds.

Suppliers – When bringing your suppliers together, you might think about combining the event with a client appreciation evening. By bringing these two together, you create a familial feel to the event and the bonds will strengthen. Of course, you should never do this if there’s a potential for the suppliers and clients to create their own relationship and remove you as the middleman service because this could end badly.

Product Launch – With a product launch, some people make the mistake of adding simulators and various other rentals but this is only going to do one thing; take the attention away from your new product. Therefore, we recommend lighter entertainment and this can be achieved with iPad photo booths, cotton candy machines, and rentals. While these will make people happy, they add to the experience rather than hogging the limelight.

Seminars and Conferences – Finally, this audience is all about professionalism and showing your worth to the industry. If you’re giving a seminar on the stage, the last thing you need is a guest blasting out Britney Spears at the back of the hall on the karaoke machine. Instead, you could provide bottles of water, clipboards, notebooks, and other items that encourage note-taking and their undivided attention while you’re talking.

 corporate events seminar

At these types of events, depending on size and the audience numbers, technology is also a great addition. By allowing guests to follow the seminar online and ‘check-in’ on social media, you allow the people who didn’t attend to feel like they want to be involved. If you really want to have an impact, live stream the behind-the-scenes and parts of the seminar. Next time an event like this comes around, you’ll have thousands wanting in on the action.

Summary – While planning any corporate event, think about what you’re trying to achieve and what the guests need in order to talk about the event for years to come. Whether it’s a casino rental, a photo booth, or some food, considering these two points will allow you to achieve your goals. With this, the business will continue growing into 2018, 2019, and beyond!

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