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Jun 10
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Creating Value for Your Clients at a Corporate Event

So you’ve decided to gather all your most important clients together for a stunning corporate event? However, how exactly do you ensure their time isn’t wasted? How do you add value to the relationship between the two of you so they aren’t likely to switch company any time soon? Fortunately, you’ve made a great decision to hold a corporate event for your clients and we have some advice to really make it work today!


What’s the Objective?


First and foremost, you need to know exactly what you’re trying to get out of the event. Are you simply thanking them for their continued custom? On the other hand, are you actually launching a new product/service and you want this event to create a buzz around your brand? By knowing your objective from the start, it can help with some of the decisions in the days and weeks to come.


If you’re only saying ‘thank you’ for their custom, the whole idea will be centered around having fun with photo booths, food, a chance to network, etc. If you’re launching something new, there will be a more business-like stance to your decision-making. If possible, you’ll need a way for clients to test your new product or service. For example, a software designer might set up a number of iPads around the room so the clients can mingle and play with the new software.




Unfortunately, we all seem to have been to an event where there’s, quite literally, nothing to do. Within ten minutes, all the attendees are standing around not feeling comfortable with one another. If your aim is to add value to the business relationship between the two of you, having nothing for your guests to do can be extremely damaging. As we mentioned previously, photo booths are always a good idea because they break the ice and they allow all guests to walk away with something tangible.


Make Time for All Guests


In a recent study by Oxford Economics, they discovered that nearly 30% of revenue is lost when the company doesn’t offer face-to-face meetings. Although slightly more informal than a meeting in the office, corporate events allow for a relaxed atmosphere in which to talk about business. As long as you make time for every single guest, you can discuss your relationship moving forward and personally thank them for not choosing to go elsewhere. If you ignore certain guests, they’ll feel like they aren’t being valued despite being invited in the first place.


As we’ve alluded to all the way through, the most important part of this equation is your client. Not only will they decide the theme of the event, they’ll decide the venue, how you act, what you offer, and more. If you consider your clients’ needs fully, you can create an event they will remember for a long time to come. If you want to increase brand loyalty, we can help will all of the above at Abbey Road Entertainment.


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