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Apr 29
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Environmentally Friendly Events

When you’re kicking the planning for your next few corporate events into high gear, you might want to consider how your business works with the world around you—and how to balance that out with having a little fun. Environmentalism is rapidly becoming the next big thing, which means it’s not a bad idea to consider going a little greener with the upcoming shindig you’ve been asked to plan. Whatever you decide to do, the main question on your mind should be: How do I make this function fun and functional?


Tip #1: The Party Don’t Stop (but it can move locations)


Whether you’re hosting a recycling drive or a beach cleanup day, the mood can always be improved by a little more party. Plan for some corporate entertainment! If you set up a dance floor and book a DJ to draw in the crowd, then let your volunteers swap out with one another to give everyone some time living it up and giving it back.

For bonus points, brainstorm an eco-centric bops track with your DJ—you might be surprised by how many hit songs you end up with.


Tip #2: Point of Pride (and photographic proof)


Doing good is definitely its own reward, but sometimes you really want to immortalize that broken car bumper you found during your company’s park pickup event. If that’s the case, why not have a photo booth-style setup? Count the bags you fill and get ready to snap a picture with all of them at the end of the event, or pop in during it with the weirdest stuff you’ve found. It’s a great way to get a beloved local spot cleaned, while also adding a few new funny photos to the more traditional ones from corporate events past.


Tip #3: It’s All About the Adaptations


If being in the middle of Toronto Canada means that some of these options won’t work for you, adapt your dream green event to your location. Pair some corporate entertainment in the form of a casino up with a canned food drive to maximize the fun/function combo, or set your park pickup at an outdoor carnival with midway games. People can bring their families and turn the event into a fun time for everyone by trading canned goods for casino chips, or full bags for game tickets.


Tip #4: Out of the Box? Outta Sight!


This last one’s a doozy, so brace yourself for impact! If you’re really looking to liven things up, match an unexpected theme with an unexpected method of giving back. How about a disco-themed book drive? A movie theatre set up with short films and movies that celebrate the environment? Maybe even an under-the-sea readathon? Balance out each of these with a little more party, like awesome decorations and matching foods—an intergalactically epic eco-trivia night can easily make Toronto Canada headlines when you offer “alien food” as the main attraction. Parties like these give your employees a chance to kick back, relax, and break out the Halloween costumes all over again.


When it comes to corporate events, green is the new black!


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