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Jan 22
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Event Planning Mistakes

Planning a corporate event can be quite a challenge unless you’re an experienced event planner. When it comes to the technical aspect of organizing everything, it can be a time-consuming process. A professional event planner can help relieve much of the stress associated with the overall process. Avoid these event planning mistakes to make your corporate event a huge success.

Regardless of the corporate event, a professional offers design expertise and unique skills to achieve the company’s purpose. Corporate executives no longer have to spend hours, weeks, or even days planning an event. If not done properly, it can also result in excessive fees. Here are some common errors to avoid when planning your next corporate event.

Never Book a Site Without Seeing It First

When considering a location for your event, you need to physically go out and see the property. Once you’re at the property, do a walk-through. There’s nothing worse than booking a property and not seeing it first. You need to determine if it will suit the needs of the occasion. Write down what you need before visiting the property. Consider the number of attendees, activities, and proximity to the airport.

Never Underestimate the Room Layout

With all the hard work and time that’s put into a project, make sure the room has a good layout and adequate space. For example, too much space between the sitting area and the stage can create a feeling of disconnect. Poor acoustics can ultimately ruin the event; therefore, you must test the space before booking.

Never Overlook Visual and Audio Needs

There’s nothing more embarrassing than having people come to an event, and you suddenly realize you don’t have the proper speakers, or the speakers are not working. Sit down a few days before the event and prepare a list of every item you will need. Don’t forget the microphones, speakers, Wi-Fi, lights, and soundboard engineer. See what equipment is provided in house and then look elsewhere to outsource additional items.

Switch Up Team-Building Activities

To get people involved, do something different. A couple of good alternatives are cake decorating exercises or balloon animal sculpturing. You want to challenge people in a way that’s different from what they are accustomed to. Most of them have experienced the traditional “trust exercises.” More important, it must be fun.

Don’t Try It Alone

Remember! Trying it alone can bring a lot of aggravation and problems. You can enlist the help of a professional who will simplify the entire process. Having a professional team that brings creative ideas along with different perspectives can make it a lot easier. You’ll also discover methods and strategies to minimize cost and time, yet maintaining high standards.

We offer years of experience in event planning. Whether it’s a promotional, employee building, or marketing event, we have the knowledge and skills to make it a success. If you want to learn more about corporate event planning or you need assistance with an upcoming event, please contact us today.

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