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Jun 4
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Events in Your Corporate Office

There are many reasons to hold a corporate office event within your business’s own four walls. The ideas for activities are endless, too. Hosting an event on your property negates the need to plan transportation and eliminates the cost of renting a venue. In-house happenings can boost employee morale, spark creativity and lower stress, so the next time an opportunity arises to hold a corporate office event, why not say, “Let’s stay in.”


Photo Booth and Chair Massage


With a photo booth and chair massage set up in a conference area or break room, you can sit back and relax, literally! You do not have to go off-site to give employees a bit of a break.

Photo booths are instant gratification spitting out pics of silly poses and faces. If some of the pictures are particularly memorable maybe start an online scrapbook or new hashtag on the company website.


Brown Bag Lunch


Brown bag lunches are generally called lunch and learn now, because people do not often carry their lunch in a brown paper bag anymore. Make sure there would be no need to bring your lunch to work and hire a food truck and interesting speaker for a lunch and learn.

Speaker topics are as far reaching as your imagination. A master gardener could talk about easy to grow flowers or how to start a vegetable garden. A childcare expert could discuss strategies for parenting a toddler. A park ranger could discuss local wildlife.


Prize Wheel or Raffle


Throughout the day people could spin the wheel or check their tickets to see if they have won a prize. Offering a prize wheel or raffle various times throughout an event keeps people engaged and alert, because they never know when they may win.

Prizes do not have to be expensive. Candles, books or snacks are thoughtful. You could offer choices of prizes like board games, desk organizers or chocolate. Gift cards for restaurants or bakeries are always welcome.


Coffee Bar or Boss Cooks Breakfast


A coffee bar tastefully set up is a wonderful way to start the day. Make sure there are plenty of flavor and roast choices.

Having a department head or company executive cook breakfast is fun and does not have to be elaborate. Pancakes are easy to pour on a griddle and scrambled eggs require no fancy kitchen maneuvers.


Trivia Hour


Choose an emcee, create teams or go it alone and see who thinks they know it all. Trivia gets people laughing and talking in a relaxed setting.

Companies do not have to go off-site to host a corporate office event. Most event activities can be adapted for large or small groups and are easy to set up, so maybe when it is time to plan your next event you can say, “Let’s stay in.”


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