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Jun 3
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How to Find the Perfect Venue for Your Corporate Event

In order to build a successful corporate event for your employees, clients, or any other stakeholders, there are a few key ingredients that must be remembered. Perhaps most importantly of all, you need to choose a special venue for the day/night. Of course, this is easier than it seems because there are numerous options on the market so today we have some key considerations you need to make!

Set a Date – Before you do anything else, you need to know the date of the event otherwise you can’t finalize any of the other details. Furthermore, we recommend planning months in advance so you get your desired venue and your event doesn’t clash with any other big events in the area. Also, you don’t want your event to coincide with any public transport strikes otherwise the turnout will be a little disappointing. The earlier you set a date, the more time you have to plan the rest, the more time the attendees have to make babysitting arrangements and other plans, and the better position you’re in because you know your budget moving forward.

Type of Event – Next up, you need to consider the type of event you’re planning. Although it sounds obvious, an employee awards evenings will require a very different venue to a summer BBQ afternoon. Even after you choose between day and night, you also need to consider whether you want a photo booth, enough space to lay out food, and any other extras. With these considered, you can then deal with the finer details such as outlets and where equipment can be plugged in.

Location – Perhaps most importantly of all, who are you inviting to your corporate event and how are they going to get there? If the event is for your employees, there’s no reason to choose a venue far away from the main office because they might not be able to reach it. If your workers come from a variety of locations to reach the office every day, the best option is to choose a venue near the office since you know they can already get there.

Size and Purpose – Finally, you can use all of the points above to consider the amount of guests attending and whether you need a stage or any other special features. By factoring the amount of guests into your decision, you prevent both overcrowding and having too much space. With the former, it makes the guests feel uncomfortable whilst too much space will make the event feel rather empty; this makes it harder to build a fun atmosphere.

If you need help during this planning phase, feel free to get in touch with Abbey Road Entertainment who will use years of experience and expertise to make your event run as smoothly as possible.

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