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Jan 14
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Fitness Corporate Event

There are many healthy and fun corporate event ideas to inspire and engage a diverse range of people. Promoting health and well being at a corporate event will give attendees tools to help eat healthier, learn a new sport or reduce stress in a relaxed, non-judgemental atmosphere.

Meditation and Yoga

In recent years there has been a resurgence in recognizing the importance of just breathing and focusing. Meditation and yoga can provide flexibility for the mind and body and both have been shown to relieve stress and increase awareness.

5K Run and Walk

A 3 mile run or walk is accessible for all fitness levels. Provide water at the half way point and snacks at the finish line. You could also place cheering squads along the course holding signs with funny sayings to provide a fun atmosphere.
The benefits of just taking a walk outside include lowering blood pressure, more efficient breathing and just feeling connected and optimistic.

Dance or Zumba

There is nothing boring about cranking up the music and moving and shaking to the rhythm.
The key to a great zumba class is a fun instructor, so ensure to hire an experienced one. To set the mood and create excitement add some lighting or if the venue is large, big screens, so everyone can see.
If zumba is not possible, try ballroom dancing like the foxtrot or waltz.

Doctors and Dieticians

February is heart health month. October is breast cancer awareness month. Every month has some health related theme. Invite doctors or dieticians to speak on healthy hearts, diabetes or arthritis options. Invite an optician to speak on eye health or dentist on oral care.
A personal trainer can demonstrate exercises for balance and core work to improve posture. If the attendees spend most of their day at a desk, stretches and moves to improve shoulder strain would be appreciated.
Many people are caregivers to elderly relatives, so tips to relieve stress for people aiding loved ones may be welcome.

A health and fitness related corporate event is all about the attendees. Whether they choose to run, walk or dance, their hearts will get pumping and they just might find a new hobby. If there are speakers about fitness, healthy eating or diabetes, event goers may just learn something helpful. A health and fitness event will provide fun, memorable and educational opportunities for everyone.

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