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Feb 27
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Four Mistakes Corporate Event Planners Make You Should Avoid

Taking the role of corporate event planners can be an intimidating process. There is a litany of different things to consider. You have to choose a venue, a theme, food, and how to market it. Once the dust settles on your event, there are sure to be some things that you may have overlooked, meaning you are scrambling to fix them on the day of the event.


Of course, you want to avoid this. The most important mistakes to avoid are the simple ones that you should have thought about from the beginning. Here are four common mistakes that corporate event planners make. If you are just getting your start in the industry, you should be aware of them.



Of course, you want to seem confident in your new position as the lead on a planning project. Don’t let this feigned confidence get in the way of your success, though. Overconfidence usually leads to people undertaking tasks they have no business doing, leading to them being done incorrectly. The key here is to not be afraid to ask questions.


Often, people are afraid to ask questions because they fear the question will be viewed as something obvious that they should already know. Actually, the opposite of this is true. Your superiors will view you in a positive light for having the courage and confidence to admit what it is you don’t know. Also, the best thing about asking these questions is that you know have learned something new. This is called gaining experience.


Have a Great Team of People About You

An effective leader is measured by their results and a great way to get good results is to have a good team around you. The people working for you are just as important as you are when it comes the successful execution of an event. When choosing your corporate event planners, don’t just choose the people you get along with the best. It is important that you select people with skills complimentary to yours. For instance, you wouldn’t want to root for a basketball team with five point guards, so why would hire a team of only people who specialize in food service to run an event?

Start with the Important Stuff

Prioritize your activities and make a list before you undertake the planning of a corporate event. After you do this, start with the most important ones. These activities should be the ones with the broadest scope that you absolutely can’t leave until the last minute.

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Don’t Let the Details Get in the Way of the Big Picture

If you are managing your first project, you are probably very concerned with getting every last detail correct. While this is a good practice, it can prevent you from seeing the forest through the trees. The most important part of planning a successful corporate event is making sure the overall tone or “vibe” of it matches what you are trying to do. Don’t let simple matters like the colour of napkins of what kind of silverware you are using get in the way of this.


These are four of the most common mistakes you see from professionals who are new to planning corporate events. The key is not to be afraid that you are new to this. Planning a great event is much more important than seeming like you have everything under control.

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