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Aug 11
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A Guide to Hiring the Best Event Entertainment

Booking random entertainers for your corporate event can make or break it. Therefore, it is wise to follow a proper guide in choosing the best event entertainment. A proper guide will help you take into consideration all pivotal details that can cause entertainment mishaps when omitted. Below are some guidelines on getting the best entertainment for a corporate event.

Identify your theme

Before hiring entertainment services for your corporate event, it is important to consider the theme of the event. Theoretically, it is easy to book entertainment for an event by just identifying an entertainer of choice, negotiating the terms and locking down the contract. However, in reality, you have to hire an entertainment service that conforms to and reinforces the theme of your corporate event.

Determine your target audience

It is proper to consider the age, background and gender of your corporate event guests. With the target audience in mind, it becomes easier to identify the best entertainment that is suitable for the specific event. Tastes and preferences of the target audiences should be considered based on the theme to make the event successful. Demographics of the expected guests should be determined to create a customized atmosphere when entertaining different categories of people such as professionals and other adults.

Consider Time and Availability of Entertainers

Planning successful corporate events requires ample time. The time available to plan and execute the event should be determined to avoid rushing to achieve wonderful results. Once time is determined, it becomes easier to form a preparations team depending on the remaining period. Entertainers that have been contracted should be available on the date of your event. Also, back up entertainers should be considered depending on the amount of money your corporation is willing to spend on entertainment.

Consider Entertainment Agencies

Finding the best entertainment services for a corporate event can be time-consuming, tiresome and even expensive. You have to locate entertainers geographically, shortlist a few, carry out interviews, make a deal and hope that the best candidate meets expectations on the day of the event. Consulting agencies in the entertainment sector can help minimize the time used when searching for your event entertainers. Entertainment agencies through their past experiences can help you get the best entertainment without much struggle.

Understand Force Majeure Clause in the Entertainer’s Contract

Force majeure is an unforeseeable superior circumstance that may prevent an event from taking place such as an earthquake. Before signing a contract, it is important to understand the contracts provision in case of such unpredictable circumstances. Some provisions may state that the contract is suspended or worse still suspended when such an occurrence persists. You need to negotiate with the entertainer on the list of events included in the force majeure clause to obtain the best deal.


Hiring the right entertainment will make your corporate event memorable. Also, it will strengthen your brand values and spread corporate messages, thereby promoting business internally and externally.


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