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Jul 2
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Why Hire Entertainment for Your Corporate Event

When you’re planning your corporate event, you might take a work-oriented position. Instead of thinking about what will amuse your staff members, you’re focused on what and how they can learn. While incorporating useful material to bring back to the office is pivotal, so is infusing elements of entertainment for a variety of reasons.


Encourages Attendance

You might have made attendance at the corporate event mandatory, but if you didn’t, you may find that you’re struggling to get employees to come. Even for individuals who are truly invested in professional development, giving up even more time for work can prove difficult in a world filled with responsibilities. Letting your team members know that the event will include some breaks for entertainment can encourage them to register and stay for the duration of the happening.


Shows Another Side

Depending upon how much you interact with your employees, they may primarily or largely see you as a force that dominates the business. In other words, they may get to see only your serious side on the job. While you do have to watch for making the work environment too casual, bringing entertainment into the event can show employees that you have a silly side too, which can make you seem more approachable. After the event, you may discuss that staff members are more willing to ask you questions and to offer suggestions than they were in the past.


Inspire Socialization

During the more structured parts of the event, employees may not have much time to interact with one another in a social manner. It’s true that too much socialization at work can cause troubles with productivity, but too little can mean that the staff members are not actually comfortable with one another. If they have the opportunity to listen to a comedian or live music at the event, they can then interact with one another in a way that is not so strict.


Break up the Day

Think back to your college days when you would race from one class to the next. Filling a corporate event with workshops, programs, lectures and so forth can help your team members to learn many new skills, but they can also feel burnt out by the middle of the day. If you have some segments of time that are dedicated to entertainment, you can help your employees to rejuvenate. They are relaxing a bit and preparing for the next rounds of information.


Sets the Tone

You do want your employees to take the event seriously. However, consider what happens when no entertainment is involved at all. Employees may not be fully engaged in the corporate event, and they might not want to come to future events. Marrying entertainment and information allows them to see that it is possible to attend a work event that is both educational and enjoyable.


As you’re getting together the details for the event, you have many decisions to make. Don’t forget to choose to add entertainment to enjoy all of these perks.


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