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Nov 8
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Holiday Corporate Party Trends 2017

It’s that time of year again: holiday corporate party planning season. There may be just under two months

until the big day but for many companies, party planning has been slowly and quietly been

taking place in the background for weeks. If you haven’t started planning yet, don’t fret! Here is

a quick run-down on the top holiday party trends of 2017 that are guaranteed to make your

party or corporate event unforgettable.


Buffet-style grazing platters

Large, heavy meals are difficult to eat at a party. Plus, it’s hard to please everyone with a fixed

menu. Snacking platters give the ultimate freedom for guests to pick at what they want and

avoid the things they don’t. Mini foods and modern spins on classic appetizers are two

extremely popular trends in recent years, and neither will be leaving anytime soon. For

example, mini sliders are tried and true party favourites while spinach and artichoke dip cups

are an innovative take on a popular app. Bite-sized, fancy appetizers and grazing tables are

two menu trends that you need to be incorporating into your corporate party/holiday party this



Modern takes on classic cocktails

Like the food trends, modern changes to classic party cocktails are all the rage this year.

Traditional cocktails like gin and tonic can be elevated simply by incorporating infused syrups,

like cucumber, elderflower or even cardamom. Extravagant garnishes are also a social media

favourite, particularly caesars with things like candied bacon, smoked pepperoni, garlic-stuffed

olives and even deep-fried pickle spears as a garnish. Impressive drinks pair well with

impressive food, so this trend is one that will have your entire menu buzz-worthy well into the

new year.


Statement balloons and colour scheme

Decor is always an important aspect of a holiday party, but it is especially vital in the age of

Instagram and social media. If you have an Instagram account, you’ve probably seen people

posing next to large silver and gold balloons – statement balloons – and this trend will continue

into the new year. Statement balloons at a holiday party or corporate event are fun and

interactive for guests, while also increasing the likelihood of your guests sharing photos from

the event. Fun for guests, and free event marketing for your company: it’s a win-win!


Themed Corporate Party

Too often companies and people alike decide to throw parties without a distinct theme, which

is a major party faux-pas this year. Themed parties allow for cohesion among all aspects of the

party, including decor, menu, rentals, colour scheme, and even entertainment. Some timeless

themes include: A Christmas Story, Winter Wonderland, Monte Carlo Night, Masquerade,

Santa’s Workshop, A Nightmare Before Christmas, Christmas Around the World, and more. Be

creative with your theme or go the more traditional route: either way, your party will surely

stand out as a well-planned event.


These are just a few of the holiday corporate party trends of 2017- hopefully, we’ve given you a bit of

inspiration for your next holiday party or corporate event!

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