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Immersive Corporate Events

Adding immersive experiences instead of material objects like notebooks and pens will add value to attendee’s event activities. Studies have shown millennials value experiences over material goods and every event goer would love a chance to create or play instead of just sit.

Musical Instruments

Playing music is a rich experience and stimulates the brain, because of the emotional connection with it. Learning an instrument can improve memory and strengthen problem-solving skills. An area set up with various instruments to touch and play with would not just be a tactile place, but a conversation starter among attendees who may have learned an instrument as a child.
Many public lobbies and airports have a community piano, why not provide one at your corporate event?


It is reported Americans spend billions on their pets, so having pets at a corporate event would be a natural extension to people’s personal lives. Many animal rescue groups would be willing to bring a few dogs to an event, because it provides socialization for their dogs and cuteness factor for the corporate venue.

Painting and Photography

You do not need to be Picasso to be creative and a painting area need not be expensive or advanced to be accessible. Provide paint, paper and aprons and allow attendees to generate any shape or color combination they desire. Even finger paints, they do not have to be just for children, provide an open-ended tactile experience.
Bring a photo booth or set up a selfie station with various backgrounds for groups of people to snap a picture. For the true shutterbug, a local camera shop may be willing to bring in the latest lenses and filters for people to learn about.

Cooking Class or Contest

Go beyond the usual chili cook off and try local cuisine. Memphis has barbecue, Chicago has deep dish pizza and New Orleans has gumbo. Local chefs may bring in their own specialties. Wineries may set up a wine tasting booth. If wine is not an option, try coffee and tea tastings.
Sweets and desserts are always popular. Attendees could decorate cupcakes and cookies with all sorts of frosting, sprinkles and candies. Offer a prize such as mixing bowls and spoons for the most creative treat.


Massage reduces stress, pain and muscle tension. Chair massages are a low cost but healthy way to let event attendees take a break and relax. Companies that offer mobile massage may also include manicures and facials if you would like to offer event goers a truly indulgent experience.

Offering immersive experiences at a corporate event not only makes the day fun, but memorable. Experiences over material items can increase teamwork, event satisfaction and workplace morale.

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