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Sep 24
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The Importance Of Corporate Event Brain Breaks

We have all attended drab corporate events that were an absolute drag. You may have experienced an information overload, sat in an uncomfortable seat or have suffered through long-winded talks while feeling hungry. Discomfort can greatly disrupt a good corporate event and you should do everything you can to help your attendees avoid feeling uneasy. A good event brain break will liven up your audience and keep them engaged for the duration of the event.


Get Your Corporate Event Catered


This is the most talked about topic when it comes to corporate events. Oftentimes, professionals ask each other what kind of food was served at a particular corporate event. Catering allows you to make a splash and to give your attendees a good taste in their mouths as they leave your event.


This will drive up your business profile. Your employees, colleagues and customers will talk about your corporate events fondly if they are catered properly. This positive word-of-mouth advertisement will only drive your business profile higher.


But there’s an often overlooked reason why you should have your corporate event catered — discomfort. Attendees do not want to slog through long-winded informational sessions while feeling hungry. A hungry person’s mind does not work properly and much of the information will be lost. Simply put — hunger means lost productivity.


Event Brain Breaks


Catering also allows your corporate event to have a built-in brain break. Human beings are only capable of paying attention for a short period of time. Everybody’s brain needs a break. Good food can re-energize your attendees physically and mentally so they’ll be prepared to absorb more information after the food. But catering is not the only way you can give your crowd a brain break.


Corporate event entertainment is one of the best ways to rejuvenate the minds of your corporate event attendees. Entertainment, especially comedy, is a great way to give everybody’s brain break.


Time Your Entertainment And Food


A corporate event should be broken down into smaller pieces. One of the best ways to do this is to schedule various lectures or workshops throughout the day. But you don’t want your crowd feeling like they are shuffling from classroom to classroom in a high school. Instead, you want to keep them on their toes with entertainment and food.


You can have a productive day that feels like it flies by for all of your attendees if you schedule your entertainment and catering properly. Perhaps you have two 45-minute informational sessions backed up by an appearance by a comedian or magician. Then it’s back to two more sessions before catering comes. Then you can have another entertainment act come in before the crowd leaves to attend the final two sessions of the day. This schedule will keep people engaged without any discomfort.


Use Entertainment And Food To Define Your Company Culture


The entertainment and catering that you choose reflect on your business. Make sure to pick corporate event entertainment acts and catering dishes that show off your company culture. You can choose to create an atmosphere of professionalism that echoes your company’s mission through corporate event entertainment and food.


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