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Mar 29
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Increasing Event Attendance 

The most successful corporate events utilize various strategies to attract and engage attendees. After spending time, energy and money planning an exciting and informative seminar or meeting it would be disappointing if no one showed up, but there are a number of ways to increase event attendance at your next corporate event.

Timing and Dates

Start on time. No one likes to wait and you invited people to arrive at a certain hour, so be sure to hold up your end of the arrangement.
Finish on time. Attendees will begin to feel anxious about getting to other commitments, so do not cause someone to miss a ride or flight because of an event scheduling over run.
Many industries have busy times of the year. Accountants and tax consultants could not attend an event at the height of tax season. Retail associates would not be able to attend an occasion scheduled in November or December.

Do Not Overwhelm

The less is more strategy is often the best approach when it comes to passing on new information or procedures. Attendees may get overwhelmed if there is too much information jammed into one session. If the meeting is about a new product launch, stick to information on that item. When holding a quarterly meeting stay within that 3 month time period for goals and reporting.
Try to be sensitive to event goers needs. Consider times to schedule breaks and allow ample time for meals. A printed agenda showing the event timeline will illustrate the day’s expectations.

Choose An Exciting Venue

Hotels are easy to find and most are experienced in hosting meetings, but what if you tried some place more unique? Consider a venue a bit different from a conference room yet still with seats and lecterns like a university lecture hall or auditorium. Malls have community rooms. Zoos have classroom space. State and national parks have both outdoor pavilions and indoor science centers. The important element is to choose a venue guests will enjoy and remember.

Social Media

Send a reminder to potential event goers on Facebook, Twitter and the company website. Create a new hashtag for the event. Advertise a special guest speaker’s message or talk up the new features for a product or service. Spread the word about who will be setting up booths or giving demonstrations. Play up the element of fun and free if there will be door prizes or other giveaways, because who doesn’t like free?

Successful corporate events attract attendees in a number of ways, but the most important consideration is that once the event is over the guests remember a fun and informative time and will absolutely want to attend another of your events again.

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